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  1. K

    Shell not displaying

    After first testing and seemingly okay this is now failing to show the Thunderbird Window until clicked in the taskbar, thund = "D:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe " & _ "-compose " & """" & _ "to='" & email & "'," & _...
  2. K

    Listbox value

    Hi, I have 3 listboxes on my form and Form Load code is Private Sub Form_Load() Dim i As Integer For i = 1 To 100 listPosFrom.AddItem i listPosTo.AddItem i Next List4.RowSource = "SELECT DISTINCT tblMain.Year FROM tblMain WHERE (((tblMain.Year)>='" & Me.OpenArgs...
  3. K

    Open Form & pass Property

    I want to open a Form and pass a property to it. However there's code in the Form_Load event that needs that property. So I have renamed Form_Load event "Activate" and use this DoCmd.OpenForm "MyForm" Form_MyForm.MyProperty = "Test" Form_MyForm.Activate It works as hoped...
  4. K

    Form Code using me.Controls

    For Each ctl In Me.Controls If TypeOf ctl Is TextBox Then If ctl.Name = "txtImport" Then Stop At this point in the code how do you get the controls properties (like, width, Top, Font etc) ?
  5. K

    Compare Form with Table

    Just wondering how best this might be done. Controls on my Form are bound to a query. When (if) they're updated I want to show any changes before they're applied. As I understand it, the data is only updated when the Form is closed, or moved to a new Record, or Me.Dirty= False is applied. So...
  6. K

    Ucase issue

    The following fails in Access If (strIn = UCase(strIn) Then 'It Is U.C. Else It is NOT U.C. End If I suspect because of Option Compare Database. Is there any way to make the code work as intended?
  7. K

    Update underlying table

    I'm a bit confused... My Form is bound to a table e.g. RecordSource = "Select * From tblExport" If the value of a control is changed, the change doesn't immediately appear in tblExport until the Form is closed. But what if you want it to ? Is this where .Dirty is set ? if yes does it belong...
  8. K

    ByRef ByVal

    I'm passing a string variable byRef into a Public Sub. Its values changes in the subroutine and can read at Exit Sub However when it returns to the code that called it, the variable is an empty string. Just in case I had this wrong I tried byVal but it did the same thing. This isn't right is...
  9. K

    Button backcolor

    Is there some trick to this? I'm setting it in Properties but it's ignored. Help tells me To use the BackColor property, the BackStyle property, if available, must be set to Normal. but there's no Normal for Backstyle. Am i missing something? I'm using Access 2019
  10. K

    Combo dropdown

    My combo box is set to a Query with many results. When clicking to open the dropdown list I cannot easily scroll to the last entry. Is there any way to make this happen?
  11. K

    Odd Gray area on Form

    I've added via Ribbon Create - Form Design. Pop Up Yes No MinMax buttons. The back color is white but the bottom part of the Form is Grey. Any idea why?
  12. K

    Send Email From Access Code

    Hi, been Googling for a soilution but the answrs aren't very clear. Some say you don't need code, others there's a free trial ?? I'd like to launch this frmm a command button annd send a table Looks like you use DoCmd.SendObject but exmple shows DoCmd.SendObject acSendTable, "Employees"...
  13. K

    Creating SpecificationName argument or Schema

    I wish to create a file from a record in my table. This is copied to a folder with ftp access where a cohort can get it and update his table. I guess there's many ways to do this, but with my knowledge I've created the following. (With the help of...
  14. K

    Date format

    I thought I had Dates in Access figured out but this has floored me! I understood dates in SQL have to be #MM/DD/YYYY# (and single M or D is also okay). This function swaps Day and Month to suit SQL and has worked fine until a Date of 17 Oct. Private Function USDate(d) As Date Dim c c =...
  15. K

    Data Type Mismatch in criteria expression

    Occurs when I add a Val criteria This is OK SELECT Val([1stWeek]) AS Expr1 FROM tblMain WHERE (((tblMain.[Date Entered])=#11/10/1990#)); but this reports an error SELECT Val([1stWeek]) AS Expr1 FROM tblMain WHERE (((Val([1stWeek]))=46) AND ((tblMain.[Date Entered])=#11/10/1990#));
  16. K

    Caption size

    I read in the MS documentation The Caption property is a string expression that can contain up to 2,048 characters. Captions for forms and reports that are too long to display in the title bar are truncated. Why do they talk nonsense? My Form caption is not too long, but is truncated. Or, is...
  17. K

    Option Group Position

    I've found if an Option group is setup by the wizard, I cannot set Top, Left etc at runtime. What seems to happen is the Frame moves but not the controls inside it. Is there any way to position the Frame WITH option buttons & labels on a Form or must everything be set individually ?
  18. K

    Option Group Click Event

    There's 14 option buttons on my Form, spread over 5 Option Group controls. Only one group will be Visible at any one time. Can a procedure detect which of the 14 has been clicked, or will I need a click event for each button ?
  19. K

    Right Align listbox columns Access 2010

    I don't think it's possible ? Source is a value list. I tried adding spaces but they're ignored. Then found Convert the listbox to combobox Make the combobox that you converted right alignment Convert it again to listbox But that didn't work either.
  20. K

    SubForm Record Counter

    What instruction would force the Record 1 of xx countedr to populate as the Form loads? This used to happen automatically but now only when any record (except record1) is clicked. Then record1 will as well.
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