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  1. scott-atkinson


    Ive been on Furlough since the middle of March, I'm not entirely sure if I will be going back to my company or not, although I am assuming as they are contributing to toppping up the Furlough payment that they wouldn't be doing that if they had no intention of taking me back... I am going a...
  2. scott-atkinson

    Meteor Impact Imminent!

    I'd better stock up on extra Toilet Rolls... ;)
  3. scott-atkinson

    Is Vegetarianism the apex of cruelty?

    It's cruel because it's murdering the planet in the name of saving the planet... Think of how many acres of deforestation are made to grow food for Vegan processing such as Almonds. Think of all the Carbon fuels that are burnt in the processing of these foods... Yet they bleat about how they...
  4. scott-atkinson

    The robot apocalypse is coming...

    I've always said when asked about this question, that there will be a revolution the scale of which the planet has never seen before. As more and more automation is brought into the workplace, with more and more Job Displacement, and Unemployment as a result, with the masses, now hungry and...
  5. scott-atkinson

    Are Capitalists inhumane?

    I'm sure down the line somewhere you'll find it's Tax Deductable, nobody these days, especially the Rich do anything unless there is sometjhing in it for them..
  6. scott-atkinson

    You cannot convict me of murder - I have no free will

    Ask him if he's a practicing Christian, if so God gave him Free Will so slap the irons on him..
  7. scott-atkinson

    Best book written on VBA

    I learned to write Excel VBA simply by recording macros on Excel, going through them line by line understanding what they were doing, I would then Google How To... with Excel VBA, and take examples given and try to add them to the recorded Macro's , lots of trial and error, but worked for me...
  8. scott-atkinson

    Yet again the annual backslapping stupid Oscars

    After reading through this thread yesterday and this post inparticular, I went home from work and watched The Scent of a Woman, i'd seen it back in the mid nineties when I was a young 20 something, watching it again, reminded me just how amazing it is as a movie, I had Goosebumps with Al...
  9. scott-atkinson

    R.I.P. Kobe

    I confess to not know who he is, but any life lost especially childrens are a Tragedy..
  10. scott-atkinson

    What's your feeling about churches and Christianity?

    Wll you can bet somewhere someone at some point in time is having a right good ole laugh at Religion... When a George R R Martin type of writer sits round with a bunch of like minded people and says, I've got a brilliant idea for a story lads, now hear me out....
  11. scott-atkinson

    What's your feeling about churches and Christianity?

    So maybe God is not a deity, but simply a very very advanced Alien..
  12. scott-atkinson

    What's your feeling about churches and Christianity?

    A sanctimonious claim indeed, no wonder a good part of the worlds population dislike Jewish people and Israel..
  13. scott-atkinson

    Is God made of silicon?

    Damn, bet she was pissed that she died 2 days too early to have lived through two centuries.. Sarah Knauss[8] 24 September 1880 30 December 1999 119 years, 97 days United States :banghead::banghead::banghead:
  14. scott-atkinson

    What's your feeling about churches and Christianity?

    Well maybe if God had'nt of given us Free Will we wouldn't be killing each other as much as we do as God would have prevented this... And just because God gave us Free Will if he was real he would see how much we are absolutely abusing that and would step in like any loving parent would if they...
  15. scott-atkinson

    What's your feeling about churches and Christianity?

    My personal view on this is that I do not believe in an alimighty omniprescient being who created everything and who is to refered to as a Deity... I think if such a being existed and we are his children then given the amount of atrocities that we cause to one another and especially to children...
  16. scott-atkinson

    What's your feeling about churches and Christianity?

    I rode a Donkey on Blackpool beach when I was 5 years old did that qualify me for being the son of God? Just asking... :D
  17. scott-atkinson

    What's your feeling about churches and Christianity?

    The Christian get out clause... 'God gave us Free Will'
  18. scott-atkinson

    Can you see a future for the Human Race and what will it look like?

    With all the things gong on in this world of ours, Climate Change and Climate Change deniers, constant conflicts, USA / Iran teetering on the edge. Religious hatred, racial hatred... Rise of extremism...etc.. I think the Futre of the Human Race is soon reaching a pivot point in its continued...
  19. scott-atkinson

    A question for members from UK

    Our voting and election system needs to change, first past the post does not work anymore, a party with extreme views can win a seat besides the moderate parties contesting the same seat poll more votes but are split votes.. As was seen in this recent election... But whilst the corrupt...
  20. scott-atkinson

    A question for members from UK

    If you total up the representative votes from the Lib Dems, Greens, SNP, Labour, where each one was sitting in it's respective constituency then the Remain Vote should have won, the problem is that it was split, whereas there was only really one party of any significance that was polling for the...
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