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  1. Leo_Coroneos

    Leo = Bad Man?

    You are a bunch of sheep, all you can do is bleat, "BAAAD, BAAAD" as an all-too-predicatable reaction to my posts. I make no apology for being young and wild. The forums were in a state of stagnation when I arrived here and I infused them with new life, my life, my jizzom. Does that make me a...
  2. Leo_Coroneos

    Total Access Analyzer

    Has anyone bought this software: "Total Access Analyzer" by FMS, Inc.? What does it do? Is it helpful for someone designing (relatively) small databases with not much VBA code therein? Thanks guys, - LC.
  3. Leo_Coroneos

    What's on your mind?

    What's on your mind?
  4. Leo_Coroneos

    Am I a troll?

    Am I a troll? LOL
  5. Leo_Coroneos

    Book reviews

    I wrote a couple of book reviews for Check 'em out! 301 Polish Verbs by Klara Janecki: Oxford Essential Polish Dictionary...
  6. Leo_Coroneos

    Mood swings

    I get mood swings. How about everyone else? I mean, like, little things really get to me sometimes and ruin my whole day. Even and including features of Microsoft Access (!) :p
  7. Leo_Coroneos

    Gay marriage in Australia: Yes or No?

    The title asks it all, but I just wanted to point out that Tony Abbott, our former PM, was punched in the face by one of the "Yes" crowd on account of his activities among the "No" crowd. That's about as ugly as it got... better him than me! So, should gay marriage be legalised in Australia...
  8. Leo_Coroneos

    Hand-written notes: Database design/theory

    Hi everyone! Last year while I was studying my so-called "Cert III" in IT and Digital Media, I thought it would be a good idea to hand-write notes on database design and the theory behind relational databases. Attached are some notes from my so-called "PHP/Databases/SQL/Web Design" exercise...
  9. Leo_Coroneos

    Opening report based on current Order

    Opening report based on current Order [SOLVED] Guys, I could do with some help with the final touches to my music store database, and it should come across as a very easy question to answer. My VBA programming primer book just arrived in the mail and I've searched the event procedure section...
  10. Leo_Coroneos


    Hey guys, Just wondering what kind of books the community refer to in order to get better at Access? I have the following books: Nene (R) Guide to Microsoft Access 2000 by Jill & Tony Luha (passed on from a schoolmate, just breezed through it because I know most of what it involves; seems like...
  11. Leo_Coroneos

    Accounts and Orders DB

    Hi everyone, here's a screen snip of my Relationships diagram for my Accounts & Orders Database for Wakes Music: see attachment. I'm pretty confident that this is what I need and how I need it. Any and all suggestions, however, are most welcome! Cheers, LC.
  12. Leo_Coroneos

    Hi from Aus

    G'day everyone! The name's Leo, and I live in Albany, Western Australia... of course, this is part of the British Commonwealth so I will probably feel more at home on these forums than the ones which utilise US English, e.g. Stack Overflow. Moving on, I completed what is known as a Certificate...
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