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    Deployment package for Access

    In the past I used Sagekey, but they do no longer offer the product. I have a Front-end .accde, a back-end .accdb and a runtime (in this case for Access 2013). My installation is independent of any Access running on the pc, since it uses the runtime. I have looked into SSE Setup, but their...
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    SQL statement takes too long

    I use the following statement to delete all Customers that have no entry in tblTransaction DoCmd.RunSQL "DELETE FROM tblCustomer " _ & " WHERE NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM tblTransaction WHERE tblCustomer!lngCustomerID = tblTransaction!lngPartyID) ;" In the specific case there are 7000 customers...
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    The future of Access

    Excuse me for posting in this thread. I wanted a reply from people who are heavy users of Access. Basically, where is Access headed? I have a product with Access 2013 and every few years I upgrade to a newer version (the previous was Access 97). I also use Microsoft 365, but do not use the...
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    Sending 300 emails using Access 2013

    I use the following function to send about 300 emails, but some of the emails fail to be delivered. Do I need to pace the sending by putting some delay between sending the emails? John varDum = sendEmail(CStr(rst!strEmail), "Pay Slip", "Please find attached your Pay Slip" &...
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    Repair a database automatically

    I have a db (approximately 70Mb) which gets corrupted. The message says something about an "inconsistent sate". If I enter Access and do a "Compact and Repair", it is fine. If this be db is at a client, is there a way for the client to do a compact and repair using vba? Can it be done from...
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    Print Date and Time on button press

    Got a strange request. When a user presses a button the Date and Time of the press is printed. Might I hook up the button to an rs232 port or usb port. The pressing of the button sends an electrical signal (not a series of chars) Any idea how to go about it?
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    Sending email through Outlook

    I use the following to send a report as attachment On Error GoTo cmdEmail_Err DoCmd.SendObject _ acSendReport, _ "rptLog", _ acFormatPDF, , , , , "", True cmdEmail_Err: Select Case Err.Number Case 2501 MsgBox "OK", vbInformation Case Else MsgBox "Error " & Err.Number &...
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    Checking if a key exists in Registry

    The following works if the key exists in the Registry If the key does not exist I get the error seen in the attachment. Thanks John
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    Message "Class does not support ..."

    I get the message "The expression On Click you entered as the event property setting produced the following error: Class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface" I receive the message on a PC running Windows 7 Professional using the Access 2013 Runtime. This pc does...
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    Change Application Title

    I thought this would have been a bit easier I can change the application title using the following only if the Application Title is blank. If it is not blank then it does not change. Anybody knows why? Dim db As Database Set db = CurrentDb() Dim newtitle newtitle = "qwerty" Set newtitle...
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    Combining 3 tables

    I have 3 tables, tblAppointment, tblCustomer, tblDoctor. tblCustomer has a one-to-many relationship with tblAppointment tblDoctor has a one-to-many relationship with tblAppointment The following works and gets the appointment and customer info rst.Open "SELECT tblAppointment.lngPatientID AS...
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    Remove "potential security concern"

    I am getting "A potential security concern has been identified", when I open a db. I would like to suppress this message. I have looked at several solutions like inserting pathname in Trusted Area or editing the Registry. I use Access 2013 Runtime. Can someone suggest a simple way, if one...
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    Check if db is open

    I would like to be able to check if a db is open and if it is to prevent the user from proceeding. I use the Access 2013 Runtime. I can check if a db is open by trying to open Exclusively, using something like But if the db is already...
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    Identify Access instance-Bring it to forefront

    I have several instances of Access running on a pc. Is there a way to programmatically identify a specific instance and bring it to the forefront? I have found but was thinking if...
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    Retieve Outlook data from Access

    It's been some time since I wrote the following, which takes a string made up of "Lastname Firstname Telephone" and writes it at a specific time in Outlook. It uses Late binding so it works across all Oulook versions. Public Function funOutputAppointmentToOutlook(dtmDate As Date, strSubject As...
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    MS Outlook late binding

    My application A2003 and A2013 uses late binding to call MS Outlook and automatically create attachments of reports that I create. My application uses the Access runtime and is basically independent of any Access installation on the PC I've never had any problems until with this PC which runs...
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    Appears in Preview, but not in Print

    In attached Preview.png I can see the Dates. When I print the report (Print.png) the dates are substituted with "#Name?" In the report the date fields are bound to Control Source =CDate([Forms]![frmTransactionPopup]![dtmFrom]) where frmTransactionPopup is a form which is open but not...
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    Support for Surface tablet

    Does anyone know whether Access 2003 or 2013 can run on the Surface tablet, under Windows 8 RT? Thanks, John
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    Ny problems with printer HP Deskjet 2640

    I just got a frantic call from a customer who is using my software that printer HP Deskjet 2640 gives him nonsense. The software is deployed using Access 2003 Runtime. I connected to his screen and confirmed the problem. Some of the words are missing and some are spaced out a lot...
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    Export BMP image to a file

    I need to migrate the contents of a table from Access Jet or Ace to SQL Server. The table has 2 fields, an integer and a BMP image ex Field1 Field2 1 BMPimage 2 BMPimage 3 BMPimage 4 BMPimage If I manage to...
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