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    Problem with Access 2003 application with runtime on win 10 access 2016

    Hello there, I have an accounting software which I bought many years ago, developed under Access 2003. It comes with Access runtime. It works fine on a computer which has no access or access 2003. Now I tried to install it on a computer with win 10 and access 2016. When I run the program, it...
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    Strange! Getting error 2486 when function is called from a query ???

    Hi there, I have an annoying problem and hope someone could help me. I created a function which deletes a query and then creates a new one with CreateQueryDef. When I use this function from the immediate window, it works perfectly with no error. But when I call this function from a field in a...
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    Disable and Enable custom Menu items

    Hi there, I created a menu for my application in Access 2003. I need to disable some of the menu items for some users. Can anyone help me? Thanks
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    Access 2016 - api functions

    Hello there, I have used Windows API functions in access 2016 on Windows 10. I used the correct format for 64bit. It works fine in one computer but gives me "Type mismatch error" on another computer with Windows 10 and also Access 2016? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot.
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    After_update problem

    Hi there, I would appreciate if someone could help me with this problem. I have a sub-form on a form. In this sub form data must be entered. I need to execute a code when each record is entered in the sub-form. I wrote the code in the "After_Update" procedure of this sub-form. BUT ----...
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    TabIndex is not working

    Hi there, I am having a strange problem with TabIndex in one of my subforms. It does not change. I change the numbers but nothing happens and the columns order does not change. (Access 2003) Any idea? Cheers
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    Relationship changes when creating query

    Hi there, Happy new year to all. I have an existing program which works fine in one laptop which has Access 2007. When I install this on another laptop with Access 2007 then this happens : in one of my query, the one-many relationship becomes a single line.!!! Any help would be appreciated...
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    datasheet background grid lines

    Hi , In access 2016, grid lines are shown where there are no fields. But in 2003 this section is blank. Is there a way to make the datasheets look like 2003? Thanks
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    Problem with access database !!

    Hi there, I hope someone could help me! I have an access 2003 database with linked tables and lots of forms and queries. I tried to create a new database with importing the forms and the rest but only queries are imported without problem and for the rest I get the following errors : The...
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    record count problem

    Hi there, I have a table which has 4 records. I use the followings to count the records: Dim rst As Recordset Set rst = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("tbl_calc") rst.MoveLast aaa = rst.RecordCount rst.MoveFirst this returns 44 instead of 4 !!!!! Any ideas? Thanks
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    Database structure and table relations for a Library

    Dear All, A data model is suggested for a library and book application (attached file). I got this from the site introduced here in this forum (Industry Data Model). My question is about the tables named : Books_by_Author and Books_by_Category. Books_by_Author is connected to tables Books...
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    Using variable for Form name?

    Dear All, Is there a way to use a variable instead of a form name? e.g. FRM1 is a form Forms![FRM1]!textbox1.SetFocus Instead of FRM1 , a variable is used which can be any other form name.?????? Cheers
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    Question SStand alone project in Access 2007 and above

    Dear All, In access 2003 if we make .MDE file, when it is run we see only our project window with its menu tab or tools bar. I need to do this in 2007 and above. I tried but with no success. Maybe this is very simple but I need your help. Thanks. LANA
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    Question Access "Find" Window

    Dear All, As you definitely know and use Access "Find" window, which finds any data you need in any field the focus is.... Did anybody write a code to do the same thing?? I really appreciate any help in this. Cheers, LANA
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    Public variable problem

    Dear All, I wrote a program in Access 2003 and it works perfectly on my computer but when I run it in another one , there is a problem. The problem is : on a form Ioad I calculate a value and I declared it as public. I need to use this value in my form but it does not recognize it. As if...
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    protecting tables from Importing

    Hi there, I developed an access2003 program and I made .mde file from it. It works fine and no one can access the tables. BUT when the user creates a new DB in Access and imports from my file then he can have all the tables. Is there any way I can prevent this? Cheers
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    Writing Code to find text in specific field

    Hi everybody, Can anybody help me on this one? I want to design a form to do the search job as the access "Find" form. For example, in a form 5 fields are displayed. I want to search in a field which the cursor is in there. I need another form which I can type the search string and finds...
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    Showing .gif (animation) picture in a form

    Hi everybody, When I insert a .gif (animation) file, it only shows the picture but there is no animation. Can anybody help on this? Cheers
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    Problem with duplicate

    Hi everybody, I am new on this so bear with me. I have a table which has two fields one is person's name and the other is a code. name code smith 1001 John 1001 Now when I use a combo box to show the "name" field but the bound column is set to the "code" then the...
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