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    Solved Another one, check for 3 values if not is null then

    I was able to get the first one figured out with your help where I checked for 3 values and if they're null then put X NoPatOcc: IIF (IsNull([P0_Count]), IIf(IsNull([P1_Count]), IIf(IsNull([P2_Count]), "X", " "))) This says that no occurrence was detected. Now I need to check for an...
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    Solved Need to test 3 values to assign new value?

    I have 3 separate field counts and if all 3 counts come up as NULL then it needs to be an X or else nothing. NoPatOcc: IsNull( [P0_Count] And IsNull( [P1_Count] And IsNull( [P2_Count], "X", "") wrong number of arguments?
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    Open form with tab control to specific primary key?

    I have a datagrid/list box that populates a few row/columns, one of which is a primary key “FacilityID”. When double clicking the a specific row a new form will open with that FacilityID assigned to it. This worked fine until I put a tab control on realizing I needed more. How do you reference...
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    Invalid use of Null Error

    below I have some code that calculates the age from their brirth date. I keep getting the Invalid use of Null Error when I insert a DOB and the age is already dispalyed. Does anyone know how to correct this? Dim lngAge As Long Dim dteBirthdate As Date dteBirthdate = Me.DOB.Value If Not...
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    Trying to Query <= 90 days from their last visit

    I have this query where I'm trying to query everybody who's last visit was <= 90 days from todays date. SELECT DISTINCT memberInfo.MRN, memberInfo.Last, visits.LastSeen FROM memberInfo INNER JOIN visits ON memberInfo.MRN = visits.MRN WHERE (((visits.LastSeen)<=Date()-90)); but this does not...
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    How to split an excel sheet with all data into a one-to-many relationship?

    I’m trying to create a database to track melanomas. I need to split the excel sheet into a one-to-many relationship because one member can have multiple melanomas. Tables memberInfo ß---- one-to-many ------à melenama meberInfo structure Name Type Size id Long Integer4 MRN Long Integer4 Last...
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    Displaying Images in Forms

    I've created a table that stores an image as an OLE Object. I go through the insert object wizard to create a link to this image. This works but the image shows up very small, how can I get it to show up in it's true size. I attached the original test image and a screen shot of the image as...
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    Enter Paramenter Error

    I have a list box that I'm filling with this sql statement. When the form loads I get a parameter value error that wants values for department and fppeDate. Does anyone know why? Me.OutPut.RowSource = "SELECT FPPE.LastName As [Last], FPPE.FirstName As [First], fppeSub.department As...
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    Filter subform based on button click from main form?

    Here’s my issue. I have a form with a subform. I’m trying to filter my subform with a button click and two text boxes on the main form. The two text boxes are the begin date and then end date which filter the subform based on the date in the subform. When I click the button it only shows the...
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    SetFocus Error

    First off I have 3 tables: Table 1 has a one to many to table 2 and table 2 has a one to many to table 3. I have three forms, the main form that houses subform1 to table 2 and subform1 houses subform3 to table 3. Table 1 (formQuery_MemberInfo) One to many...
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    Possible compate statement?

    I was recently given a database that an ex co-worker used to run. He has a query called Maketable_namecompare, which creates a table. In this query he’s running this little bit of sql. Left(ReturnWord([ProviderName],1),Len(ReturnWord([ProviderName],1))-1) Is he comparing the left with...
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