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    How do I write php code to check if checkbox is checked or not

    You can use fallowing javascript code if (document.getElementById("CheckBoxID").checked = true) { alert("THE BOX IS CHECKED!"); } else { alert("THE BOX IS NOT CHECKED...OOPS!"); } Or Take the value of check box in a variable $chk=$_POST['category'];
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    DreamWeaver Forms

    Dreamweaver is the software which is used for designing web pages in html,php,asp,xml. It is very easy to learn.
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    How to check if the selected value from RadioButtonList is the correct answer?

    Take the value of correct answer and user selected answer in two seprate variable,then compare that variableif both of them are same then the user answer is correct otherwise false.
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    what's a cookie?

    A cookie is just one or more pieces of information stored as text strings on your machine. A Web server sends you a cookie and the browser stores it. The browser then returns the cookie to the server the next time the page is referenced.
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    Website designing tips-

    This information is very useful for us. Thanks
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    Graphic design and computer design?

    Computer graphics is an exciting creative profession that has transformed the fields of television, film, animation and the Internet. Computer graphics specialists produce new and traditional media content that reflects the emergence of developing technologies such as universal...
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    What are the benefits of Dynamic web hosting?

    The content on the static pages do not change with every request unless its manually updated whereas dynamic page content or appearance can be changed by end user or changes in computing environment such as time, modifications, etc. A dynamic website design has a vast database for storing...
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    Important rules of web designing-

    These are very important rule.It will really help us in web designing.
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    How to calculate the number of weeks between two dates?

    To calculate difference between two dates use fallowing function. DateDiff("d",[DateReceived],[DateClosed]) (the "d" tag measures the date difference in days):
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    Create Structure

    Search on google to form the structure.
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    how to maintain historical records

    Make one History Table and save all records in it.
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    Tip The Ten Commandments of Access

    1. Ask, "Would an infinite being truly choose this?" 2. Everything is just an interesting point of view ]3. Live in 10 second increments 4. Live as the question (not as the answer) 5. No form, no structure, no significance 6. No judgment, no discrimination, no discernment...
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    Random selection from large data set

    Use Rnd(FieldValue) function to retrieve random values.
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    Alignment of text in form fields

    If you align the text box you do not need to align the text in it.
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