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    Cannot print unbound textbox

    I have added in my report a child form that has some unbound textbox. The child form will use the dvlook function to fill the unbound textboxes and everything works perfectly fine. In the screen, the report shows the information and also the information is shown in the print preview, but when I...
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    Solved After goto record return to the origin of the subroutine

    I'm new in this Forum so I hope I'm posting in the correct place. I'm working in a form but some how when I use the docmd for going to a record then the subroutine will start again. The interesting thing is that when I go to a new record the situation doesn't happen. The code that I'm having...
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    My name is Jose Ramirez and I'm from Mexico but I'm living in Japan. As a personal goal I decided to create a database in access because I know how powerful is it and can make my job more productive. I studied access when I was in highschool, but after that I never use it again.
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