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    ODBC Driver Path Error

    My Office 2019 spreadsheets get tables & queries from Access. Sometimes, when i want to refresh connections the error "ODBC Microsoft Access Driver 'C:\...' is not a valid Path. Make sure the path name is spelled correctly..." occurs. The path the error references was the correct path on my...
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    Can you set a value to a variable outside a sub?

    Thanks for this clear info. I think I've got this working now.
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    Can you set a value to a variable outside a sub?

    I have never been able to declare a Public Variable that is available to another module. The instructions seem simple: use the word 'Public' and and put the declaration in the Declaration section, but I always get the 'Variable Not Defined' error Questions: Is the Declaration section the...
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    Hi from Santa Fe New Mexico USA!

    Been a member some time now, so maybe should get rid of access-programmers login message suggesting I say 'hello'. Started out with dBase doing microbiology research back in the DOS days. Needed to replace a paper notebook of bacterial isolates with a searchable database. Duh! Eventually...
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