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  1. lacampeona

    Format() function not changing date variable format or literal code

    I have a small problem here you experts. I live in Europe and our date format is supposed to be ""04-07-2020"" for July 4th, 2020 and my code, no matter how I write it, is returning the format ""4. 07. 2020"". Here is an example of what I tried first: Dim dtePwdDate As Date If...
  2. lacampeona

    Exercices to practice relationship

    Hello maybe somebody know where I can find some exercises to practice creating relationship? Thank you Elena
  3. lacampeona

    Primary key and foreign key-what I am doing wrong?

    Hello In attachments please see my 3 tables. Can somebody look and tell me why I cant create a relationship beetween them? What I am doing wrong? the most important thing is the field SerijskaStevilka ( serial numner of the colon) 1. tblKolone ( table Colons) 2. audKolone ( audit table for...
  4. lacampeona

    What you have to do to make perfect ms database?

    Hello I am creating my database and I want to create perfect database. What is perfect database? Can you experts suggest me what is nice to have, what is bettter to avoid when you want to create perfect database? Is possible to manage perfect database? How do you know that you make perfect...
  5. lacampeona

    How to open specific form depending on User Level/Access Level

    Hello I have login form PasswordLogin RC4 5.3 version from user IslaDogs , the login form has 3 access levels. 1. Default User 2. Administrator 3. Developer when user login i want to hide ribbon and want to open specific form to him, and dirrent form for admin and different form for...
  6. lacampeona

    login form with password expiration in 30 days

    Hello I have a login form and change password form with securtiy questions. Now I am trying to make a password expiration in 30 days from the last setting the password date. I find some code on internet but I dont know how to make it all together. I manage to open the change password form...
  7. lacampeona

    search form in access

    Is posible becouse I have and audit trail and combo boxes which use search criteria to search audit changes now my new search form who also have search criteria does not work? i have one search in audit trail and now one search in normal search form. my search form dont work. i make new...
  8. lacampeona

    vba code for password expire 30 days in microsoft access form

    hello maybe somebody know how to make that password in my login form can expire every 30 days for my users? i have a login form for my users and now i want that every 30 days they have to change their password. maybe somebody can suggest how to do that? or maybe where i can study that? thank you
  9. lacampeona

    how to show in a large icon what you have in attachment

    hello i want to ask something. i have a form in which i can put attachments like word, excel, pdf document, and now i want to have like a print preview screen of my attachemnts. let it say that i see that i have inside 3 documents i want to click with the mouse and choose the excel file...
  10. lacampeona

    change password form

    hello everybody i have log in form and now i want to have a change password form so that my user can change password. in these case i want to put that he have to change password in 60 days and also i want to put max attepts to login in form. i want to have like if he entered 3 times...
  11. lacampeona

    date and time in the report

    hello i have a field which containes data/time format type. general type when i choose the date lets say 30.12.2015 i got only the date and i want to be displayes also the time. i want to be displayes like 30.12.2015 15:15:15 i dont know why is not working... maybe somebody know what i...
  12. lacampeona

    how to export a desired record from the form to microsoft word

    hello i have a report with exmpl. 50 records. now i want to export the record let say ID 8 to microsoft word? how can i do that? i am trying and for now when i export to word i export all 50 records and i want to export the specificic records? example, 1, 5, 8, 45,,, is that possible...
  13. lacampeona

    backspace key

    Hello everybody i have some problems. I write a database which will store some result. The results are in the table. i want that my table is save so i want to disable some buttons ( on the keyboard and on the mouse) that users cant use and here i have problems, I cant disable the backpace...
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