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    Excel Range or Print area into email body

    I have an Excel report. It is updated from Access and an email is generated. Now my boss wants the report in the body of the email. I do this manually now but I would like to add it to the VBA so it is added when the report is updated and email created. It can be either an Excel range or print...
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    New Import Specification

    I am in the process of creating a new database application. When I first import the data I will be using I cannot find the Import Wizard to create the needed import specifications. The advanced button that used to show up in the lower left corner is no longer there. I am using Office 2010. I...
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    Transferspreadsheet and .xlsm

    I have a database I converted from Access 2003 to Access 2010. In this Db I have a Sub that uses Transferspreadsheet for exporting a query into an existing Excel workbook. Recently I have been trying to use Sub to export into an .xlsm workbook. I changed code so .xls(default) and any other...
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    CSV record order

    Is there a way to import a csv file and include the row order of the file? I have a csv file that includes employee clock rings where I need to be able to identify which clock ring was first. While the clock time will usually provide this, sometimes an employee will hit the clock twice in the...
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