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    Why DateAdd?

    Hi All, i remember somebody posted a question like this a while ago but i don't remember any answer appearing, and i can't find the thread now. I also know i've posted that its better to use DateAdd in the past - but i don't know why, i think i remember reading that it's more accurate. Simple...
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    Auto-Mail in Outlook

    Hi, thanks for reading this - does anyone know how to get the user's auto-signature to show in Outlook when generating the mail from VBA? I can't see anything that looks likely in there, many thanks in advance Drew
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    Does a table exist?

    Hi, after importing text files into a table with a function I want the function to delete any error table that may have been generated. The way I'm doing this at present is to count the tabledefs before and after the import and then delete xxx_ImportErrors if the count is higher afterwards. Is...
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    Deafult Value

    Hi, this may be really easy but ... I have a combo box with 2 columns, the first of which is 0 width, so only the second is visible. How do I get a default value ( such as "Please choose a...") to show in the second column? Many thanks Drew
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    Current Page

    This may just be me being lazy and not looking for it but... is there an easy way to create a menubar option or whatever that will only print the current page of a report on a screen. It doesn't need the option of multiple copies, one will do many thanks for your help Drew
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    Number of Users problem

    I have a DB that doesn't use any tables... basically it contains only 3 forms and writes to text files that are imported once a day into a seperate DB with reports etc there is no direct link between the two My problem is that my simple front end is standing up to a thoroughly good using by...
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    Changing Field Data Type

    does anyone know how to change the data type of a pre-existing field in a table from text to long in VBA?
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    I need a timer for an application that is open all day but used periodicaly. I need it to fire itself up every 45 minutes to grab the users attention. However, the timer cannot use all of the app as users may want to use it within the 45 minutes. Has anyone done similar that I could use?
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    has anyone got a Round() type function that will let me get as many/ few decimal places as I want, I don't want to use Int, Fix or CInt and it only needs to work for +ve numbers. I've started but figured that someone must have done this before...Thanks
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    Text File Problem

    I have an adherrance DB that users log their activities on that write to a standard text file format ( User ID, LogIn Time, LogOut time, Logout reason, LogOut Duration ). Access is linked into this. Every morning the text files are deleted as the data is pulled elsewhere for storage. However...
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