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    Access 2010 Not Responding when fields selected

    Hello All, A bit of an emergency here at work! For some reason our database keeps "not responding" and we have no idea why... The application stops responding when: A field is selected that has a input mask A combo box is highlighted (forcing the drop-down menu to open) Certain buttons are...
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    Database linking issue when db is opened

    I am trying to link a access DB to an excel sheet and everything works as expect it to, unless the DB is open. my db is an encrypted accdb file and I have connected it via the "From Access" wizard within excel. it is an encrypted file as I do not want the users to gain write-access to the tables...
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    Best way to allocate record numbers

    Hello All, What is the best way to allocate a record number to the end user? I have had problems where users have come back to me saying that both of them created the same record number at the same time and I am not sure why that is happening. To be certain, I am using INSERT rather than...
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    subtract two columns within a query

    hello again :) I have two calculated columns in my query for example... table.num1 - table.num2 as "Col1" and table.num1 - table.num3 as "Col2" I then want another column equal to: Col1 - Col2 I know that I could say: (table.num1 - table.num2) - (table.num1 - table.num3) but I am wondering...
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    Filter a sub report on open

    Hello again, Im trying to filter a subreport on open. in my report I have a field called "Packages" and my subreport consists of a table, one of the columns is "Packages" so I want to use the value that I have in "Packages" to filter for only those items in the sub report. Is this possible?
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    Datasheet like report inside a report

    Hello all again, So... I think I know the answer but I am not sure how to execute it. I have two tables 1. Package Information 2. Package Uses Table 1 contains information about packages, from what the package contains, contacts, priority etc etc. Table 2 contains information about when the...
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    scheduling a macro to run causing error

    Hello All, so I have scheduled a macro using the following settings within task scheduler: Actions: Start a program Program/Script: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\MSACCESS.EXE" Arguements: "\\firo\Testing\dbname.accdb" /x PropReport and the macro I am trying to...
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    accessing form functions from module

    hello, I want to put some form functions into a module but it says that it cannot find the form... here is what I currently have in the module: Public Sub Fun_Test() Forms!Form_Output!Sequence.ColumnWidth = 250 End Sub my form name is "Form_Output" but it still cant find it... does anyone...
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    subform datasheet to populate main table

    hello all! I have a subform that is essentially a blank table which users can create rows depending on how many they require and fill the table in. I then want to be able to append a main table with the records that have just been created in the subform's table... but here is where an issue...
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    spreadsheet looking form inside a form

    Hello again :) I have a database which is supposed to record issues that have been identified in process documents filed by specific teams. part of the database is dedicated to collecting names and contact points for the particular teams and this section of the database is fine. with...
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    best way to use results in a report

    I have a report which has a parameter. The parameter returns between 1 and 5 results and gives out a report for each result (as expected) each result will contain a number between 1 and 3 which I was to display as a colored block. (1 = red, 2 = yellow, 3 = green). normally with a report...
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    attempting to clean up a free form text box

    When we are managing incidents, users have decided on their own method of recording the incident... here are some examples INC002546 INCIDENT002546 2546 INC# 2546 Inc# 2546 inc# 2546 Inc # 2546 and more... you get the point anyway :banghead: The correct way is the following: Inc# 2546 ^...
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    Report based on parameter

    Hello again :o I have been using access daily now for over a year and I have a confession. I have never used reports... I've just never needed it! Ok but here is the time in which I think I do need to use reports. I have a list of companies in the database and I want to display the...
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    processing exported queries

    Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to pre-processes queries before they are exported. I wanted to do a few things like, conditional formating, column widths and some simple formatting. I currently have a macro to export to an xlsx excel spreadsheet and i dont know if i can code in...
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    Error trying to close form with vba

    Run-time error "2585" This action can't be carried out while processing a form or report event. I had a macro on a "On Click" Event which worked fine, however I wanted to use this macro elsewhere as well, so I removed it from the "On Click" event and moved it to a seperate Sub and called...
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    Hiding the date picker from date fields

    Hello all, As a perfectionist, I have a problem with the design of my query... The query is there to query data, not to edit data or manipulate data in anyway. However, I am disgusted by the appearance of the date picker when I pick a field that is a date field. I understand some guys can...
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    Issue with disabling an Option button

    I have a button to clear all fields and also disables some fields I have a combo box that, on update, fills in all fields and disabled some fields Seperately, they work... but ive noticed a bug. If I get myself into this set up: 1) select an option in the combo box to fill in data. fields...
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    join two tables for OpenRecordSet

    I would like to join my two tables in vba together so I can reference them in the same way, ie. Set rs = dbs.OpenRecordset(SQLstr) Me.Summarystr = Nz(rs![Summary], Null) so I want to be able to combine two tables together in the SQL string in order to have both information inside the...
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    scrollable section inside a box

    Hello, I am looking for the ability to have a scrollable window inside of a tab. my database is tabbed into categories of data. one of these categories has more than the others I would like to create a rectangle inside the tabbed area which I can put the questions in but the box is too...
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    enable mouse scrolling (not through records)

    Hello, When I have my form up and working on a smaller screen, I can always access the bottom part of my form, in this situation id like to be able to scroll down with the mouse wheel to easily access the bottom half of my form. Can I enable this to work or is it not a form related issue?
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