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    Debugging. I need to break on writing to a backend table.

    I have built a complex split accdb database which has run well for many months. The users have only just started to use one of the features and a problem has arisen as a result. In order to debug the problem I need to break the program execution whenever there is a write attempted to a...
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    using variables in Forms!frmName.controlname etc

    Solved: Using variables in Forms!frmName.controlname etc I use this vba in a form to set a textbox background on another open form like this; Forms!frmsummary.[time line wills].Controls![txtdGuard].BackColor = vbYellow This works fine of course. Now the challenge is to use variables for the...
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    Problem using Expr1 in an Unmatched Query

    Hi all. In my database I have a linked table called NewClients (produced by another application and thus beyond my control) which has a field called [Fullname]. Typical contents are "John Paul Smith". I have a local table called tblEmployees which includes two fields [LastName] and [FirstNames]...
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    Access 2010 "Navigation Form" VBA code to Click a tab

    I have what Microsoft call a "Navigation Form" as the main form in my application. Users just click tabs to move about the application and it all works very well, looks good and was almost no work to produce. Now one of the forms that opens when you click a tab shows a summary of overdue...
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    Can the built in record navigator controls be made bolder?

    I have almost completed a DB for a will writing company and they are well into beta testing. I have a comment from them regarding the visibility and ease of of use of the built in record navigator at he bottom of some of my forms. They say its too small and fiddly to use easily. Now, of course...
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    Text Box Events Problem

    Hello, I have a form bound (data entry) to a table; there is a text box on the form which is NOT bound to that table. It is bound to a Dlookup on another table. It all works fine. Here is the BUT. I would like the textbox.visible property to be True ONLY if there is any text in it. I cannot find...
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