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    Adding A Sum Column

    I just created a query with a column to be the sum of 5 different columns My question is: Can I create a "TOTAL" for the column "TotalItemValue"?
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    Creating a Sum

    I'm trying to figure out a way to create a button that will be clicked to sum up numbers in 3 other columns eg. id #1 #2 #3 Total# 1 5 3 2 10 does anyone know how i can macro this or is there a better way for this to be done?
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    I've got a question about MS Access I've got table 1 with rows of items I've got table 2 with 11 rows (and each row has 4 spots to place numbers in depending on the condition that the designated item has) I'm wondering on how I can link each item (row) from table 1 to the 11 rows of table 2...
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