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    tab movement

    Hi How do we move the tab to next entry by passing the formula. In the example Yellow heighted fields are user entry and blue are formulas. Once use enter entry on E4 the cursor should move to E7 rather than to E5. Then E8 to E11 on so..... If code needed , please someone give. Thanks Mahen
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    Need help on Past Link

    I am need a help on copy or paste link. On summary tab in D4 & E4 I have copied and paste link from London tab one at a time. How do I fill the rest (F4 to I4) in summary tab from London tab. Thanks Mahen
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    Time sheet formula

    I have a problem if anyone could sort out please. When the over time come to 0 hours (column I) then I am getting ###### overtime column. How do I resolve? file attached Thanks Mahen
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    required macro

    Required a macro to change whats in D8 and L19 as cross way in like D21 and O29. Dates can be easily get cross way but the rest need to be. See attachment.
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    Name Macro

    Required a macro to copy Names from Summary tab to Rest of the appropriate tabs in c3 (highlighted in yellow). Physically copied in Name1 tab. Thanks. Mahen
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    worksheet macro

    Required a macro to create following worksheets and copy Id Nos to appropriate worksheet in a cell position C3 on all sheets. Worksheet Name Id Name Name1 A001 Name3 C004 Name6 W042 These details are in the same...
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    What could be the reason

    An excel workbook created in 2003 and modified in 2010. For some reason cannot get the result of the calculation. Formula was there before and still there. For some reason result is blank. What could be the reason? same problem for all work sheet in the work book.
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    workbook protection

    I need to protect my workbook preventing from entering and make any changes. The work book contain about 100 worksheet which are copy of each one. Just information and names are differnt. Eg file (attached) only have three worksheet. Know how to protect and unprotect one sheet at a time. but how...
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    Work sheet names

    How do I get all the worksheet names onto a worksheet without entering manually. See attahment. Thanks. ~ Mahen
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    Need Macros

    I need a macro(s) to perform the followings in my MASTER worksheet. 1. a popup message should come with Enter starting date. When enter date, it should change on B6. 2. Another popup message should come with enter deadline dates. It should be able to enter two dates and it should replace...
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    Pastlink and drag

    If anyone don't understand what I am trying to say, please let me know. See attachement example..... Mahen
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    Pastlink and drag

    How do I drag a cell across (from left to right) after past link from another sheet? eg. I have values in C3 to C10 in sheet1. I need to copy and past link the value in C3 in sheet 1 into D5 in sheet 2. And drag C3 accross. How do I do? Report in sheet1 values are up to down. Need those value...
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    excel micros

    would need a micro to group ages by entering the date of birth.Under 8 - Date of birth (DOB) on or after 1st Sept 1998Under 10 - DOB between 1st Sept 1998 and 31st Aug 2000Under 12 - DOB between 1st Sept 1996 and 31st Aug 1998Under 14 - DOB between 1st Sept 1994 and 31st Aug 1996Under 16 - DOB...
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    Excel sheet past link possible?

    I have two excel sheets, A.xls & B.xls. A has five work sheets named as monday, tuesday , wednesday, thrusday, friday. worksheet monday has four numbers A111, B222, C333, D444 on C5, C6, C7, C8. And rest of the sheets has different four numbers on same position. B has four work sheets called GB...
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    Excel sheet names

    Does anyone know a shortcut way how to change sheet names. Eg. i have sheet names as 1dec08, 2dec08, 3dec08 and so on until 31dec08. I want to create a news excel file using the above file, but changinge all sheets names as 1jan09, 2jan09 and so on. thanks - Mahen
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    Relationship Example

    Hi, Need learn more about one-2-one, One-2-many relationship. Can I have some sample database with relationship please. Thanks. regards, - Mahen
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    How do we create a subtable in access. When you open a table. First column come with + singn. When you click the + sign you get another sub table. How do we creat that table. What is the purpose of this table? regards, - Mahen
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    Help in creating database

    Need help to create tables and relationship for following please. Student table StudentA - Id (primary key- no duplicate) StudentB - Id (primary key- no duplicate) StudentC - Id (primary key- no duplicate) StudentD - Id (primary key- no duplicate) StudentE - Id (primary key- no...
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