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    Display billing month based on start date and end date

    i have 3 textbox in a form with date type as date. 1- StartDate (bound to table) 2- EndDate (bound to table) 3- BillingMonth (unbound) i want to display billing month based on start and end date according to criteria that if startdate is 1/1/09 (format dd/mm/yy) and enddate is 28/1/09 (format...
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    DateDiff() error

    i am using DateDiff to display difference between to dates , but it does not work. 1)-using vba code (after/before update ) event does not work. 2)-using unbound control source gives me error "the expression you entered has a function containing wrong number of arguments" i am using this...
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    Proper case for a combo box NotInList event

    I have a problem getting a proper case function to work in my combo box. I have a combo box [City] with some code in the On Not in List event that adds new entries not already in the source table. The proper case function (i.e. City = StrConv(City, vbProperCase) is used in most of the other form...
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    Autonumber increment technique

    Question: Wouldn't be better to store a copy of Autonumber in another table and when the form safely saves the record increment the number otherwise don't increment. so the next autonumber should be taken from the other table. In this way there will be no gaps between Autonumber. how would it...
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    Balloon tips for end user

    Is there any way that ends user gets balloon tips when mouse pointer moves on a textbox or combox.
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    Prevent Autonumber Increment If record not Saved

    I am new to Database. i have a form with an Autonumber field and some other fields with validation rules. If user cancels or closes the form or if record is not saved, i want prevent Autonumber from incrementing. It should Increment if a record is saved with all validation rules fulfilled. In...
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