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    combobox reading values

    Here is the problem I am trying to solve, I have not encounter this before. Let me describe the scenario table1 ID--VALUES 01-games 02-video 03-other I have combo box that needs to display VALUES from the above data. and the user should be able to select the values and I am storing the ID...
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    Entering filename in the Save As DialogBox

    Hi Guys Here's what i am trying to do. My client wants to automate some tasks and one of them is to save a datafile from a webpage. I have a written a program that clicks the Download button and then the Open/Save Dialog box appears, I want to programmatically choose Save then enter the new...
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    hiding navigation and top menu from access 2007

    Hi I have ACCESS 2007 application in which I do not want to show the All Access Objects on the left and stuff on the top. When somebody runs the app they should only see the start up form. How can I only show the start form in my app, if the individual running the app have ACCESS2007...
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    Query Crashing In Access 2007

    I am running the following search query on a table [Par_Client] containing 77195 records SELECT [Par-Client].Parent_Name, [Par-Client].CLast, [Par-Client].CFrst FROM [Par-Client] WHERE ((([Par-Client].Parent_Name) Like [Forms]![frmSearchParent]![txtName] & "*")); The application is crashing...
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    report header is not included in the emialed report

    Hello Friends I am having problems dispalying my report correctly when sending it through mail DoCmd.SendObject acReport, stDocName My format option is excel. When I open the exported file, the data in report header does not display the headings/labels/fields names just the data, and which is...
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    Proper use of Sendkeys

    HI Guys I am trying to send some tab keys to an IE browser but it is not working. Here is my code. Dim IE As Object Dim IEpage As Object Dim dummy As String Dim i As Integer Set IE = CreateObject("internetexplorer.application") IE.Visible = True With IE...
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    Screen scraping in MS Access

    Hi Guys I have been asked to write a VBA code that will get data from Internet Explorer and store it in Access tables. Internet Explorer is already open and the page that I am extracting data from is already displayed. Is it possible to do it in Access 2003? Thanks.
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    Unable To Read From Recordset Into Arrays

    Hi Guys I need to read the stuff from the recordet into array. I have tried using GetRows method but it only reads one record. Here is how I am doing Dim myarray As Variant Dim ds As Dao.Recordset Set db = CurrentDb Set qdf = db.QueryDefs("Get_Distinct_Shippers")...
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    group box/option box has no value

    Hello Fellowes I have created an option group box with 2 options and in the VBA code I have an if statement if one of the option box is sekected or not like so If Me.optSoft.Value = True Then some thing else nothing end if I am getting this error message: you entered an...
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    how to link list box with combo box values

    Hi Guys I have a combo box and a list box on my form. Combo Box values are populated form a table and list box values are popluated with the folowing query SELECT Actions.Customer_Scenarios, Reasons.Reason FROM Actions INNER JOIN Reasons ON Actions.Action_ID = Reasons.Reason_ID WHERE...
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    How to group controls on form

    I have 5 items in a combo box placed on my form. When the user selects diffrerent items, I want to dislplay different controls, like. text boxes and one command button. I want to combine these controls in one group. So I can have 5 groups for 5 different items in a combo box. I tried to put...
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    Unable to modify data in the form

    I have created a form in design view, the Record Source is based on a query and Data Entry property is set to Yes. I am not able to edit the fields. I am opening the form from the Forms screen. I am using Access 2003 in Citrix enviornment. The query is in parameterized form, the parameters...
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    unable to import text file

    Hi Guys I am using Access2003 and trying to import a text file having 14,693,802 records. and I am getting a "Propert Not Found" error message. I check the file and all the data is in the right format and also performed the Repair and compact. Do you guys think by reading the file into a...
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    Unable to update the check box on the form from VBA

    I am trying to update a check box on the form from VBA code and it is not happennig. The code is as follows: DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdRefresh DoCmd.SetWarnings False Dim rs As New ADODB.recordSet Dim strSql As String Dim cmd As ADODB.Command Dim Userid As String Dim NewUser As String Dim count As...
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    difference in visual basic on access and visual studio

    Hi Guys I like to know if functions in visual basic in MS Access is similar to VB.Net I am new to MS Access and writing lot of procedural code in VB and like to find out about the difference between VB in MS Access and VB.Net Thanks
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    unable to open recordset

    Hi Guys I am using Access 2003 and running the following code but I am not able to run. I am getting the following error message: "No value given for one or more required parameters." and the debugger stop at the following line rs.Open strSql, CurrentProject.Connection Here is the full...
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