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    Solved Query By Form Not Working

    Access Newbie here again with another question on my project database. I am trying to set up a Query by form so users can quickly filter the project info table. When i enter the filtering criteria in one field it works well, but when I add a criteria into a second field it stops working. The...
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    Solved Combo Box only enters first item on list

    I have a combo box with a list that changes depending on the selection in another combo Box. The list in the second box is changing correctly when I change the selection in the first box, however when i select an item in the second list it only enters the first item on the list into the...
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    Solved Project Number with Year and serial number YYNNN

    I need your help. I work in a process improvement group in a small division of a large corporation. We have just been notified that the corporate group that created and maintains the project tracking database we use, that it will no longer be supporting it. I have been tasked by my boss with...
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