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    Solved Union Query Starter Help

    Hi, I have a database that I use for reporting, however I would like to see the total quantity and total sales broken down by locations in one query which I would also then use in reports too. I have never used a union query, however I believe this is they way that I should go? I can't seem...
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    Find all records ignoring time

    Hi, I have a form that displays the date of any records that I would like to see for a specific date in a query, however the timestamp that I am using has the time. How can I find all records in my query for the date that I am looking for? I'm trying the following but it is not working...
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    Find Record for Subform

    Hey All, I'm looking to click a button on a continuous subform that will select that record (ID) and then display (use subform.visible = true) and then hide the subform where I have just clicked the button, I'm ok with most of the code but I am having issues with finding a code that will allows...
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    Field plus 1

    Hi, I have a field in a form linked to a table called "Chase", I would like to click a button and the field would increase by 1, however I cannot work out how to do something as simple as this. I am looking for something like: Me.Chase = Me.Chase + 1 Malcolm
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    Solved Currency in Sentence

    Hi, Please can you help me to change the following on my report to show the total as currency. It is in the control source and I am trying to make it show as part of a sentence. =[NewName] & " (£" & Sum(([Total])) & ")" Also, if possible the following as ddd d mmm yyyy, h:mm am/pm =Date() &...
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    Grouping or Sub-Heading on a Form

    Hi, I have a form which I would like to add sub headings to, so I suppose it would maybe be a continuous form? I would like to lay it out in the same way I can do this with a report, I have attached an example with sample data, on the report I have made dates as a sub heading in this example...
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    Crosstab Query for Report with Variable Dates

    Hi, I have a database which I am looking to use a crosstab query which will populate the data for a report. The report data (column headings) will be products and dates which the user can select from a form, so the column headings will change depending upon the date range selected (max 7). I...
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    MS Access SQL Update Table

    Hi, I have a table called PLUs, I need to update the value of the field called Desc from an unbound field on a form. I am trying the following line of code and cannot see what is wrong with it, please can you help? <DoCmd.RunSQL "UPDATE PLUs SET Desc = Forms.EPOSControl.Starter1Description...
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    DLookup with LEFT and RIGHT

    Hi, Please can you help me find a way to display the left (or first) 13 characters of a field and also the right 13 characters in the same field as I need to display them separately in 2 different fields on a form. Below is what I have but cannot work out how to integrate left and right in to...
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    Calculate VAT Backwards in a Query

    Hi, I'm trying to calculate the VAT Value and Net Value from Gross Value and VAT Rate in a query, however I cannot work out how to do this. I have a query which is going to update and transfer a table from MS Access 2007 to MS Access 2016 once I have worked out the VAT and Net Totals. I have...
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    If ComboBox IsNull selects a value

    Hi, I am trying to use 4 combo boxes to allow users to create and print a report. If combox 2,3 and 4 is null then it will print Report1(has only 1 column), if 3 and 4 are null then it will print Report2 (2 columns) otherwise it will print Report4 (4 columns) I am trying to use an if...
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    Insert SQL - Data queried by textbox on form

    I am looking to copy data to a temp table to compile a report. Users will select the date range and the criteria to use. I am looking for the user to select a criteria via a textbox in a form and to press print so the report is created. (Eg: if they put ToDoList in to the textbox then it will...
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    Monday of the week in my SQL Statement

    Hi, I am looking to run a report every day from data a temporary table, I am planning when a form opens it runs a few lines of code to fill the temporary table with various lines (different dates) for the report. The report will be a weekly revenue buildup, (Weekly heading across the top of...
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