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    How do I only get required row into my dataset

    Hi, I am fairly new to but making progress... I am using Visual Studio 2013 to create project. I have used the on GUI data sources to get data onto my form but the TableAdapter.Fill is retrieving all rows rather than just the one I want. Basically Mainform calls...
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    Question Need help & advice capturing Signatures into Access (hopefully)

    Hi, Hopefully this forum is OK for the below question... I did ask where to post it in the Intoduce YourSelf forum but no one responded:(....... I have a client that needs to be able to capture and store employee Signatures to log completion of certain events, preferably in an Access DB. They...
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    Newbie not sure which forum to post question in?

    Hi there, I am from the UK and new to Access forums. I have programmed in a few languages over the years but most recently I have built several DB system in Access using VB to do the extra bits. I have a new requirement which I am a bit lost with and could really use some advice... Many...
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