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    Mail merge from Access, and ACCDE and Word Mail merge

    Hi, Could anyone please help me on these issues? I think the answer to question 1 is initially a NO, but there may be ways around it I cannot think of. 1. I have a database I am developing for a customer, and I am releasing it as an ACCDE (executable only) front-end, with a separate back end. I...
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    Error message "Edit record failed because the default alias represents a record which is read only"

    Hi, Hopefully @AccessJunkie will pick this up, or someone who knows what this error means. I am getting this error in a very simple situation. I have am using Access 365 and two main forms and one subform: The first form (Form1) shows details from table A and has a subform showing showing the...
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    New member... Hi y'all!

    Hi, I'm Paul... I've been in computers nearly 50 years now, but it is a long time since I did any serious programming (almost before the days of Windows!). I've dabbled with things recently and now have a couple of projects I will be working on, one of which will be in MS Access. My questions...
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