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    Import or link an excel file on access db

    Dear All, I'd like to import an excel file but the data begin from cell "A10", above there is a "privacy text". Is it possibile import or link the excel data in an access table directly from the cell A10? Thanks, Christian
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    Name Object - Change color and/or character

    Dear all, I have in my DB a lot of tables, queries and macro and every time I spent too much time by choose the right object. Would be really helpful give a color or change the character on each object. Is it possibile? Thanks a Million!
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    know-how update

    Hi Guys, what and how do you do to keep updated your know-how? Courses, Books, Blogs and so on... and how frequently?
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    PowerPivot vs Table Pivot

    Dear all, PowerPivot is more Powerful than Table pivot? Yes, NO, Why? Thanks
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    Is possible to see the queries when macro is running?

    Dear All, Is possible to see the queries when the macro is running? Es. the Macro contains the queries 1,2,3 e 4 When the macro is running, will be useful see: 1) which query is running after "x" time 2) More useful see the queries run, the query is running and the queue query. (Es.: 1 e 2...
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    See the query's name that is running on the macro

    Dear All, I have several DB with more than 100 queries and I run these queries with a Macro. When the macro is running, I'd like to see query's name that is running. Is it possibile? Thanks and Regards, Christian
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    Hi, I'm a Sales Analyst and I hope to give my contribute to the fourm community! Christian
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