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  1. scott-atkinson

    Can you see a future for the Human Race and what will it look like?

    With all the things gong on in this world of ours, Climate Change and Climate Change deniers, constant conflicts, USA / Iran teetering on the edge. Religious hatred, racial hatred... Rise of extremism...etc.. I think the Futre of the Human Race is soon reaching a pivot point in its continued...
  2. scott-atkinson

    Flat Earth and Hollow Earth Theories

    Are there any exponents of either of these trains of thought on this forum. What is the basis of your Thoery that convinces you that it is more than just a theory?
  3. scott-atkinson

    Darklands - Mierce Miniatures

    Is anybody into Miniature Wargaming? Just started getting into Miniature wargaming and have discovered a cracking wargame called Darklands, by a company called Mierce Miniatures.. The game is loosely based on the Dark Ages of Western Europe and incorporates some facts of the period, aswell as...
  4. scott-atkinson

    VR Consoles

    Has anybody had any experience of using VR Consoles? There are a few out on the market at the moment, Oculus Rift and Playstation VR immediately spring to mind amongst others.. But are they any good? And are they worth the high price tags?
  5. scott-atkinson

    North Korea - Fact or Propaganda

    Given the current events with Nuclear Tests in NK and the stand off and chest puffing of the Orange one across the pond and the disregard from Kim Jung Un.. Should we be interfering at all... and should we be worried.... Does it matter if NK has nukes, Kim Jung Un if he was as mad and unstable...
  6. scott-atkinson

    Harassment at Work

    Has anybody been the recipient of Harassment in the workplace? What was your experience, where did it lead to? I ask, because a report in the UK today shows that 50% of women find themselves victims of harassment in the workplace. A shocking statistic given we are in the 21st century and...
  7. scott-atkinson

    Where is everybody.....

    Once Upon a Time in a Galaxy Far Far Away.... This Watercooler used to be very active and full of good discussion and banter... but now sadly it seems so quiet and nondescript... neglected even... Where has everybody gone.... I'm Lonely....:confused:
  8. scott-atkinson

    Technology replaces the Workforce

    Since the creation of the first 'Robot' the days of Human employment have been numbered. How long do you think it will be before we have total technology in the workplace replacing Humans? What do you think the transition will be like? And what do you think the End result will look like? For...
  9. scott-atkinson

    Looking for Advice

    Hi Guys, The purpose of this thread is to gain some advice on a Project I am working on. Basically, I have built a forecasting tool in Excel, of which data can be archived currently in Excel and retrieved each time the Forecasting tool is used. The archived data can be overwritten, and...
  10. scott-atkinson

    Cryptowall Virus

    Has anybody had any experience of their system being infected by the Cryptowall Virus? My personal laptop became infected at the weekend, and the first I knew of it was when a Ransom note in four different file formats popped up upon my start up. It was very helpful gave me lots of information...
  11. scott-atkinson

    Heroes and Generals

    Has anybody played the Free Online FPS Heroes and Generals? What are your views of the game?
  12. scott-atkinson

    Black Friday

    Hi Guys, Again the UK are following our cousins across the Pond and are apparently going big on this concept of Black Friday, which according to the UK news, is an American Sales led retail Day traditionally after Thanks Giving. It is aimed at kick starting people into parting with money in the...
  13. scott-atkinson

    Can anyone recommend a good Gaming Laptop

    HI Guys, I want to buy my son a Gaming Laptop for Christmas and have a Budget of about £600 pounds, im looking for a high end Graphics Chipset either Nvidia, or AMD with at least 4GB of dedicated Memory, and a fast Processor. Do you have any recommendations I could look at?
  14. scott-atkinson

    For Statement cannot support 2 Next commands in the same routine

    Guys, I hope you can help, my code is below; I am trying to use a For Next routine within the same Procedure with an error trap. And I am getting an error message stating Next without For. My code basically uses a For Next Loop to perform a copy and paste function but with two different...
  15. scott-atkinson

    American Foreign Policy - Explanation Please?

    I do not usually get involved or take sides between America and the UK, but something I heard on the News this morning in the UK has got me baffled as to what exactly is the American Foreign Policy, and the stance on Terrorism... In Syria, American is openly supporting the Rebels who are...
  16. scott-atkinson

    The Future Motor Vehicle

    An interesting article on Driverless technologies in Cars. What do you think, and indeed hope, that the automobile of tomorrow can do, and what do you think needs to happen to make this reality...
  17. scott-atkinson

    Abu Hamza - Fair Trial or Scapegoat

    As Promised, I have started a new topic for this week, one that people on both sides of the Pond should at least know something about. Abu Hamza is the one handed, other hand is a Hook, Muslim Cleric, who was extradited by America from the UK to stand trial for Terrorism charges. Abu had been...
  18. scott-atkinson

    Show of Hands - Who is bored of talking about Guns and Religion?

    As the title of this thread states, and I am sure I am not alone, I am getting increasingly bored of just reading posts about Guns and Religion, lets face it, as much as we debate, argue, chastise, and ridicule each other it is not going to change anybody's mind or change the world... :banghead...
  19. scott-atkinson

    What kind of 'ism' is best?

    Given our ever changing world, what in your view is the best form of society to have, I have listed some below from definitions on the internet, perhaps we should combine some to make the perfect 'ism' what is your view; republicanism the principles of a theory of government in which the...
  20. scott-atkinson

    Xbox or Playstation

    I am looking for a Gaming console, one that I can also stream movies from the internet on... Which in your opinion is the best, the Xbox or the PlayStation, and why you think it is better than the other?
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