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    Form sub form does not advance for data entry/edit

    I have had multiple people assist me with questions and design of the forms mentioned in this post. I am By no means an expert and appreciate all the help I have gotten. Attached is a sample database for my question. I have a tab form as a sub form which consists of seven tabs and an example...
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    Solved Data Entry Form W/Subform Creates extra records?

    The attached database sample is to be a replacement for one currently in use. All records from the Current database have been imported, the associated queries and reports all function the way they are supposed to. (Validated by comparing reports between the two versions ..... I have only...
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    Query Modification not giving Correct Data

    The first query works for the active providers and captures appropriate data. When the same query is modified (Query 2) it produces no data. The second query involves all the same tables with the addition of a query which identifies retired providers. It has the same date parameters, other...
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    Appends with Diff Result

    I am not experienced with SQL :( The original appends had a date condition in the where statement. The appends below represent my attempt to append data based now on a physician mane. The first append captures the correct number of records. Visit Append INSERT INTO t_Visit ( VisitDate, DOB...
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    Solved Query Not Giving Expected Result

    I have a table with DrId, Name, Name Details. DrId is an auto number field, the other two are short text fields. A basic query is built off of this table. In the condition section of name field is a statement Not Like "z*". Names of those who have left were prefixed (z-name). This produced the...
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    Not Able to change themes

    I have created a new report and when I go to either layout or design view I am unable to change the theme?? Also I am unable to change the theme for any of the previously built reports. What am I missing???:confused:
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    Solved Not All Data Appended

    I am NOT very knowledgeable on SQL! I have had a great deal of help with the Append query below, and there are a total of 5 append queries, included below. The issue is not all the data came over in the append. This was due to a miss spelling in the physician origin table. The correction has...
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    Duplicate Query Question

    I have large DB and I want to now look at duplicates. I used the Query Wizard to create a duplicate query. When I view the data without a date range I can see the duplicates by sorting the records. However when I add a date range to focus on specific periods of time I get no duplicate results...
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    Switchboard Items not right and command buttons not working

    I have just updated to Access 2013 from Access 2003. All seemed okay but today the switchboard commands are all wrong or do not work and the command buttons in a newer version do not work. :confused: Can anyone give me some insight to the cause?? Dan
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    Nested IIf Question

    I am using the IIf function as follows Exp1:IIf(field A = "a string value",1,0) this returns the correct value. However when I try to add a second condition using the IIf function, or use the And Or condition, I do not get the correct value. I am trying to get a value of 1 in the Exp:Col...
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    Question Relationship Queswtion

    I have a table with visit date, provider, and date of birth. The primary key is VId and this is the foreign key in the other related tables. All works fine now. I need to add a table which has the following a date field, which can be any date in the month, hours, and hours with days off. I am...
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    Need HELP with Relationship Problem

    I have been trying for days to figure out why I can not get the relationship(s) to work in my database!!:banghead: I need to add a table that tracks physician time off (t_DrUTZ); I needs to be related to the table (t_Physician) for the DrId. In addition I want to gather the data from the other...
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    Relationship Questions

    Attached is the relationship snapshot for my DB. I need to add a table that tracks "vac time" and "Adm Req time" by physician. I am having difficulty with the relationships. I have a query that pulls info from the other tables but when I add the new table in any relationship in pulls no data...
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    IIf question

    I have a report with a "Name" field. On the report I want to reference a constant value in a table. I am using the IIf function to try to pull this on to the report as there are number of Names to refernce. I have tried the following but notthing happens. IIf(reportname = tablename, table name...
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    Form_Subform Question

    I have a form in each of these databases for entering visit information in four sub forms. The tab for "DVT" in one is visible when you open the form but is not in the other. I have looked at these for diffeneces but can't see it :( Can anyone help me here??? Thanks Dan
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    How to fix Where condition??

    :)I have used the duplicate finder query wizzard to generate the query below. ============================================= SELECT qryAD.VisitDate, qryAD.DOB, qryAD.aid, qryAD.vil FROM qryAD WHERE (((qryAD.VisitDate) In (SELECT [VisitDate] FROM [qryAD] As Tmp GROUP BY [VisitDate],[DOB] HAVING...
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    List Box Not Populating

    I have two data bases with the same forms in each. In the second (New Version) form one populates correctly, the other two do not. In the original all populate correctly and the code is the same in each. :confused: The object is to list reports that begin with the respective "r", "F" or "x"...
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    Query Not Working As Expected

    I have a query which has a date range perameter (between date1 and date2) and column value 1 is -1, or column value 2 is -1, or column value 3 is -1. When I execute the query by dates, the dates are ignored and the column values are referenced. Why is the date range criteria being ignored??
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    Append Query Question

    I had received some help in converting a poorly designed database and the following queries were used to move the data from the old to the new. These worked and I could find no issues. Due to time constraints the old data base had to continue to be used and now I want to make the move once and...
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    Searching ......

    I am trying to re-connect with David Eagar who was kind enough to assist me in the past. Hve sent several emails with no reply; may have moved? Does anyone know how to contact him?? Thanks ... Dan
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