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    Running other Apps from Access

    Sorry - its CreateObject.
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    Running other Apps from Access

    I've done this sort of thing with Word. See CreateApplication in the Help file to create an instance of Powerpoint and use VBA to print the Powerpoint file.
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    Printing report on preprinted forms

    I have 2 suggestions: 1. Use a query so you only every get one record in the detail section. 2. Suppress the detail section in the report and put the detail line fields in the header section (or whatever section you use). Hope this helps. Phil
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    automatic sizing of forms

    I believe you can do it. I've seen Delphi code to do it (in other development environments of course). What do you mean "out of whack". These days we tend to develop for a resolution of 800x600. At home I use 1024x768 but the screen still looks OK. Phil
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    Printing envelopes

    Start with the Report Wizard which allows for standard type envelopes. Cheers Phil
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    How to keep empty fields/field name from printing

    Create a query which has the criteria you wish e.g. is not null. Cheers Phil
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    Accessing global variables in report output

    I think you will have to write a user function to return the name (as the data source). As I understand it globals are only accessible via code. Control Source=Hide_Name([Full Name]) Public Function Hide_Name(sName as string) as string .... exit function Good luck Phil
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    Multiple listings

    I presume you are using a query to join the tables. Your joins need refining. Its difficult to recommend what to do without seeing the table and the foreign keys Hope this helps Phil
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    Sorting Days in a report

    How is the Day data stored in the table? You need to store the day as a number in the table as 1=Mon, 2=Tues, 3=Wed etc instead of converting it when you run the report. Hope this helps. Phil
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    Sum Function in reports not working!

    What appears on the report where the summed field should be? If the query still works and the report is using the summed field then you would think (???) it would still work. Phil
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    Trouble With Subreports- HELP!

    Could there be a conflict with the subreports recordsource and the Linkfields? Good luck!
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    date range for report data

    define a parmeter query against the table with 2 parameters of start date and end date i.e. Field: Date in Table Criteria: Not < [Start Date] And Not > [End Date] Hope this helps Phil
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    Updating a Unbound OLE at runtime

    Help before I go totally grey. I have a unbound OLE control in a report. This actually contains a signature (MS Word doc) which varies depending on what user is using the application. Now it works fine if you only have one signature i.e. the one you put in there at design time. I have tried some...
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