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    Invalid Use of Null

    What type of data is "B3", if is txt, instead of Null put "" or vbNullString. Variables defined as Integer o long cannot be Null in VBA, try to define the variable as Variant data type.
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    Issues at opening a Excel file

    After other attempts, the only solution was to make a copy of the excel file.
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    Help with opening for multiple users

    Read this link, maybe help you with more details.
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    Issues at opening a Excel file

    Yes I did, but same issues is presented. If you can, please try to open the Ms-Excel file with other office software such as Open-Office (simulating that it is open on another PC) and use the Ms-Access database, there you will see the error that I tell you.
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    Issues at opening a Excel file

    Hi guys, at the end, the second option worked , create a copy of the file in another temporary directory. Below I leave the code I make in case someone else needs it. Thanks everyone for your help Private Function MakeCopyFile(strDirPath As String, strFileName As String) As String Dim iFilenum...
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    Splitting Database With Different Front Ends

    Check this small example, it will give you an idea to create a single Front-End for different types of restrictions according to the type of users.
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    Issues at opening a Excel file

    Hello, Sorry for the delay, I've been very busy with a lot of work. I tried point (1) and I still have the same issues. I follow this link I will try the point (2) that I think will be the...
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    Issues at opening a Excel file

    There is no problem if only one person is using the Ms-Access database and gets information from the Ms-Excel file. The problem occurs when the person in charge of updating the Ms-Excel file has it open and someone else using the database in Ms-Access wants to obtain information from the...
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    Issues at opening a Excel file

    Hellos Guys, having same isues yet, somebody help me please.
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    Issues at opening a Excel file

    Yes, now use this code Private Function F_BuscaObservacion1(strId As String, strCampoBusqueda As String) As Boolean Dim MyConn As New ADODB.Connection ''Creamos el objeto Connection Dim rsExcel As New ADODB.Recordset ''Creamos el objeto Recordset Dim strSQL As String F_BuscaObservacion1 =...
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    Issues at opening a Excel file

    No, but is a way I will try. Thank for you help. Update: Same issues:banghead:
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    Issues at opening a Excel file

    Hello everyone, I come to ask for your help by a problem that has me crazy. I have an application in Ms-Access (used by several users) that obtains information from an excel file through ADODB and is displayed on a form. The excel file is only updated by a person via Ms-Excel. The problem that...
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    Question User cannot start Access database

    Some times that same happends to me, I have to rename the file and all is solved. Try this. I dont know why this happen, but that procedure works for me.
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    Click button to retrieve Now()

    Hello, see attached file, I hope is that you looking for
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    Validation on textbox not to accept any alphabets

    Try to use IsNumeric() Function.
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    Pass PK to popup form as FK - Modal

    "Me.Dirty = False" Thats means not changes in data on current records. See this link.
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    Pass PK to popup form as FK - Modal

    Yes, do it, this line of code is a way (trick) to get a debugging the code and prove the data is catched well. Or simply put as a comment, example: 'MsgBox Me.OpenArgs
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    Pass PK to popup form as FK - Modal

    Hello Zydeceltico, attatched file include tree ways using OpenArgs argument, opening form reference back to calling form or with global variable. Note: Open first "Tabla1" form. Regards
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    AND criteria not working

    Try Not (field1="b" AND field2="b")
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    Using Dlookup

    The best thing you should do is put a date to infinity (31.12.9999) in End Date.
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