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    Multiple junction boxes query

    Hi, I am trying to design a query that will ask the user for a 'postcode' and return a list of organisations that operate in that postcode. My database has two junction tables organisationPostcode and organisationLocation as some of the organisations listed operate in specific postcodes...
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    add all possible unique values to subform

    Hi, I have an entry form "frmOrganisations" where a user needs to add multiple entries into a subform "subLocations" from a fixed list (in this case a list of locations serviced by an organisation). Can you add all possible unique records using an [add all] button, check box, radio button...
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    Adding (All) Options to Combo Box crashes Access

    Hi everyone, I tried to implement an (All) option to my combo box as per this article I thought I followed it exactly but for some reason when I try to open my form or the subform it crashes Access. ! was hoping someone could test it (I...
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    Store by region or country, search by postcode

    Hi everyone, I am implementing a contacts database that will store details of organisations across the UK that provide Multiple Sclerosis support services. Some organisations service the whole UK, others just a country, others just a region. End users will search by postcode to find...
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    How do I fill my junction tables?

    Hi everyone, I am a beginner Access user and have to make a 'simple' contacts database for work. Basically it is a database for looking up support organisations listed by area supported and what they support. My table design at this stage (simplified) is: ORGANISATION organisationID (PK)...
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