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    Form loading slow after table change

    You may need to review proper indexing of table fields. best regards.
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    Subform Total to Main Form Textbox

    Please follow this link: I suugest if you can use Datasheet view in sub form in place of continuous form. best regards.
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    Emailing a report with outlook

    Try docmd.sendObject DoCmd.SendObject acSendReport, "report1", , [From] If you call this report from a form, then do you have customer name at form. Then you can reference customer name in place of [From] When you type docmd.sendobject, intellisense shall start helping you. best regards...
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    code works but will not compile

    Jeds, although you might have taken care of MS advise carefully, unfortunately it still does not open. anyway, you now have jdraw recommendations, so please follow with him and others. best regards.
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    code works but will not compile

    If this was A2010, please convert to 2007 or earlier. Most of people here may not have 2010. Also, remove specific features of A2010 (calculated field, navigation control etc.), just keep simple form and then import in blank database.
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    code works but will not compile

    Sorry, but this says unrecognized database format. I use Access 2007.
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    code works but will not compile

    would it be possible to post a sample dB?
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    entering date using macro

    The below link might help you:
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    Filter records on opening a form.

    -1 and 0 are two status of a check box. with regards.
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    Filter records on opening a form.

    Please try something like this in the Load event of form:
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    Connect to SQL server.

    I have found the solution. Actually, I used a wrong link to install. Although It installed successfully but I think it did not have Database Engine included. BTW server name I used - .\SQLExpress
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    Connect to SQL server.

    My first post in SQL server. I downloaded SQL server 2008 Express x86 and at the moment I want to try and learn on my PC only and my aim is to connect some of Access database to use as fron end and back end I want to make SQL server. Now when I connect, I use the server name as local in...
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    Compile error: argument not optional

    Also, you might not need to write condition for elseIF, instead you can just write else exit sub Because, if OK is not selected, then there is only one choice i.e.cancel. I hope I am correct. best regards.
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    Compile error: argument not optional

    Your code is giving error on Msgbox because you are not declaring it first. So, I have changed your code above. Please confirm if is as you want. best regards.
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    Recommendations on books for ACCESS 2010

    I am using Access bible and found it very useful but I am sure it is not the whole thing you are looking for. The book may be complete in itself but Access and VBA is so wide that one book may not be enough. At least at some level, you would consider that as a basic book. Although, you get some...
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    Append Query

    From TestTable1
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    How to split a database This will give some briefs and all necessary thing about splitting. (about sharepoint, may be I do not know)
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    Default view on pivot table

    are you converting to accde format? In that case, I think, pivot table shall open in the view you last saved. So before distributing the front end, save pivot table in desired view. I am not sure but I have a vague memory of such thing. best regards.
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    Really very slow reports

    Once you know which fields are to be indexed, you would be able to make correct indexing. In case, you have trouble in identifying, remove indexes and then run Analyze Performance in the database tools. It will prompt you the things needed to optimize objects. best regards.
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    Progress Bar

    You may need to check that when your form loads, do you have recordsource already in place. If record source is loaded later or if it is un bound form, in the beginning you always have record count to zero. In case, you do not find, please post a sample dB. best regards.
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