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    Packaged Access 2007 DB with Runtime

    Hi, I have linked my database to the backend which resides in a specific location on C: then packaged the database with the 2007 runtime and the backend file. When I install the DB on another computer, I place the backend file in the same location on C: as per the original link location...
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    Trouble Deploying Access 2007

    Hi, I'm having some trouble with the packaging wizard in Access 2007. I'm going through the wizard and on the page which has the EULA field, the NEXT button does not become active. The only thing I can think of is I'm putting the wrong location in this field. Any advice please? Thank you
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    Sum in Query

    Hi, I've done this a thousand time but must be missing something here. I have just changed to 2007, trying to find the value of the sum of one field in a query. SQL is as follows:- Sum(tbl_Variations.[Approved Variations]) AS Total FROM tbl_Variations The result is the individual...
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    Subform based on query

    Hi, Can anyone see something wrong here? I've done this plenty of times before but for some reason I haved overlooked something and I'm sure it's staring me in the face. I have a form with a combo box named cbo_ProjectName. The subform should populate according to the selection from the combo...
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    Update Table With Input From User

    Hi, I have a user input form from which the data entered is appended to a table when they click the save button. I would like to call up certain records based on a specific field where the value is equal to 'down' The user needs to check the form and make some changes to that field, then...
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    Nz returns incorrect total where one value is null

    Hi, Would someone be abe to advise me on this please. I have a query which brings together values of a number of other queries. I then have a field which totals and displays as below. Criteria 1: Total Criteria 2: Total Criteria 3: Total Criteria 4: Total My problem is that where a...
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    Replicate Only Parts Of A Table

    In the HR database, I need to replicate parts of a table to a central backend which feeds other databases. The information I need to replicate is in a table which also contains the sensitive information. Due to privacy laws, I don't have access to the full database therefore splitting the table...
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    What is wrong with this?

    I'm having a referencing problem. This is not working. The after update event is on a control located on subform 2. Private Sub JobNo_AfterUpdate() If Me!JobNo = "4999" And Forms![frm_Vehicle]![VehicleTimesheetSubFrm]![Driver] = "Person's Name" Then MsgBox "A Message" End If
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    I have two sub forms on the main form. On one sub form, the user selects a job number from cbo_JobNo. If the person selected on the other sub form is not person1 or person2 then I would like a message "You cannot use this job number". Could I have some advise on the best way to do this please.
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    While statement

    In Access 2003 I'd be interested to know any oppinion of the best way to manipulate a linked text file to do the following:- WHILE Field2 remains the same AND Field4 remains the same AND Field5 remains the same THEN SUM Field12 ENDWHILE
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    Reference to main form in append query

    Hello would somebody please help me to work out this append query? INSERT INTO tbl_AppendTimesheetInput ( FirstName, LastName, JobNo, [Sub Job], Hours, [Hourly Charge], Amount, Division, RegoNo ) SELECT DISTINCT 'These fields are on subform 1 (This is working) tbl_Employee.FirstName...
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    User Input

    Hi, Would someone please help me with this? I have a form with some combo boxes working as they should. The form contains a subform with text boxes where the user enters information. I have created an append query and the combo box information is appending the records but I can't get the...
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