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    Help with standard many-to-many form for beginner, please

    Would be grateful for some help with this problem which I can then apply to many similar cases. There are two main tables, tblCommunities and tbl HealthProblems, with a join-table, tblCommunityHealthProblems. Attached is a zip file which shows the form I have made to try to add multiple...
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    Muliple Table data entry

    As a novice access user I am trying to develop a database for waterpoints, communities and associated data. There are a large number of linked tables with referentially integral joins. This situation must be a very common one. What is the best way to enter data into such tables? Attached is a...
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    Help with designing database

    We are a small charity helping provide rural villagers in Africa with a good water supply and improved hygiene and sanitation. In the last four years we have helped 109 villages in the Western Province of Zambia and this year we will work with another 42. We need to develop a database urgently...
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