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    Access VBA Encryption - AES256 Cipher for Text strings?

    Hi, What are you guys using for good 'data access' level encryption? There are a number of RC4 and XORC Ciphers out there for strings. While they work OK, i have a few issues with everything i've found using these... 1.) I'm not convinced a 40-50 line Function is all that secure of an...
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    Solved VBA - Inconsistent compile error - Type declaration

    Hello, This is getting frustrating at the cost of many hours of production. A project i am working on is throwing a compile error on the line: baK(lIdx) = asc(Mid$(sKey, 1 + (lIdx Mod Len(sKey)), 1)) This is true for a few "MID" functions in this project that are entirely unrelated to one...
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    Browser Control: Displaying Google Maps in Form

    Hi, Last week i delved into trying to work with Google Maps in an Access form, where i discussed here: HERE To summarize that endeavor: all i really require is being able A) use Maps in the form B) Point Maps to a specific coordinate. Item B can be done simply passing the cords to the...
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    Solved MS Access - Google Maps API, On_Click get Cords

    Hi all, Last night i fiddled around and after about 3 hours of fiddling around, some black magic happened and i was able to embed Google Maps into a form. Here is the source i followed: CLICK This code uses the ActiveX control: Microsoft Web Browser control, which for whatever reason...
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    Unsolved: Manipulate chart object via code (MS Graph) on a FORM

    Hello, Next up on unsolved mysteries: manipulating a chart object via code. I reached out to Access Forums about this issue with no success in solving: here The problem at hand is manipulating a graph/chart via code. Specifically, manipulating the axes (scaling), plot area, other specific...
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    Access VBA: File picker with filters - SAVE AS

    Hi, If you've ever used the msofiledialog object in VBA, you know that is severely lacking one large component, which is the ability to add a filter to the file SAVE AS dialog, which is sad. Some people tend to think this is possible, which it is not true and I cleared up a lot of confusion...
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    Solved Complex query: GROUP BY EACH Latest account balance

    HI, I need to write a query that finds the "closest" account balance to a specified date for each account in the system. I've tried this for hours. I'm done messing around and getting nowhere. There are 2 tables: Accounts & Transactions. I need to group the Transactions by each Account in...
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    MS Access - Insert Text at cursor with SelText

    Hi, The preferred method of inserting text at a cursor position in a textbox appears to be setting the Textbox.SelText property.... This doesn't work for me under any circumstances (RTF or Plain format). It simply erases the entire text box. See attached. Thanks for any help. Regards
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    MS Access: custom control built in another language

    Hi, I have a need for a specific control to be built for an Access application. I have built this control in a rather crude way with the existing built in controls using VBA. But performance is rather poor due to lots of looping. Some of the performance can be improved with some code...
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    Sort by MAX Version query - Very slow

    Hi, I am experimenting with a query over the network for an in-development application. FE is access and BE is access. With a test of 100,000 records, this query is very slow. Fields of concern are: PK autonumber, OperationID, and version. OperationID can be duplicative. Each record with a...
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