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  1. arnelgp

    cheap alternative to Access Imagine

    sample picture-capturing database. currently saving the image (bmp) to external folder. but can also be save to an Attachment field. the codes are not that organized so modify it as you wish. the code comes from an excel forum with some modification to adapt with msa. code is 32 bit and 64 bit...
  2. arnelgp

    Free Programming E-Books

    to all of you out there! want to download Free programming E-books including VBA, SQL,Algorithms, MSSL, MySQL, etc. follow this link:
  3. arnelgp

    form/report snapshot

    take a snapshot (bmp) of currently displayed form/report. this will only applicable to "Tabbed Form (Windows)" (this is a little tricky since you need to calculate the height/width of navigation pane). this is response to one of Op request.
  4. arnelgp

    Better Msgbox alternative

    before giving this out to the OP, might as well put it here for everyone. the bulk of the code is not mine, just added some good feature.
  5. arnelgp

    VLC on Form

    minimal VLC player on Access form. requires that you add reference to Microsoft Office XX.X Object Library on VBA. must have VLC installed. at the moment it will play videos. the audio part has bug, it plays without sound.
  6. arnelgp

    pad blank lines on report

    sonebidy ask this question a week ago abiut Lissandrinis code. this is the fix, Report1.
  7. arnelgp

    need thread link

    can anybidy share the link to this pics. i know ridders have answer on that thread i just cant find it.
  8. arnelgp

    Win32 API

    attached is the 64 bit declarations of windows API. since many in the forum wanted to convert some VBA with API to correct declaration. if the API you are searching is not on the list, it's probably did not came together with Windows, meaning from a third party software you installed. template...
  9. arnelgp

    Generic Office document viewer

    here is a sample Office Documents Viewer. it can view (and edit), Word documents, excel worksheet/workbook, powerpoint, text files (untouched), and pdfs. it uses WebBrowser control. in case the office documents run "outside" the webcontrol (not being hosted), as in the case of Newer office...
  10. arnelgp

    fnAnySQL() parameter query

    i am now shelving my FixSql() function, for the time being to give way to a new function someone shared on this forum (you know who you are). I modified the function so it can be generic and be easily ported, at least, to any SQL statement. Option Compare Database Option Explicit...
  11. arnelgp

    Returning Gratitude

    As of this week I started clicking the Thanks button to those who appreciated my post to them. Even when they said thanks and not by the button. They showed their appreciation and I responded and return it back to them. Just like in FB, they like u and you like them too. I earned the Thanks...
  12. arnelgp

    blur background sample

    Just wanted to share this. Wanted to enter this in Sample Database but the code is slow yet. And have no background on graphic manipulation. There are modules here that you will find useful too.
  13. arnelgp

    timed message box

    Simple Timed Messagebox using WScript.Shell. Nothing fancy, there are no forms or reports.
  14. arnelgp

    Navigation Form with Ease

    hello to all! does Navigation Form gives you a headache. when your standalone form is working properly and you can refer to any control with ease. then when you moved it inside the Navigation Form all your control references are now invalid.:confused: forms![Navigation...
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