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  1. arnelgp

    Solved DoCmd.GoToRecord doesn't take me to the requested record

    it may not be evident on a Single user. possible even Lock the whole Table on multi-user when issuing SQL Update.
  2. arnelgp

    Export table data to excel

    goodluck and hoping for the best.
  3. arnelgp

    Standard Modules and Global Variables

    Private Sub opt_AmPm_F_AfterUpdate() hh_F = Me.opt_hours_F mm_F = Me.opt_minutes_F ap_F = Me.opt_AmPm_F If (ap_F = 1) Then ampm_F = "AM" Else ampm_F = "PM" End If If (mm_F = 0) Then mm_F = "00" Else mm_F = mm_F End If myvarF = hh_F & ":" & mm_F & " " & ampm_F...
  4. arnelgp

    Solved DoCmd.GoToRecord doesn't take me to the requested record

    because you are using a Memory copy of the recordset. using SQL Update will update the table physically, but your form (if bound to that table/query) will Complain that your data has changed. better to use Bound form, no need to use code or Update query.
  5. arnelgp

    calling the value of a field from a main form -> subform into a query

    how do you call it then from "note" subform? better create a Timer Event sub on "note" subform, then call it there. this will ensure that subform "note" is already loaded and its control populated.
  6. arnelgp

    Make image interact with control source

    on the Attachment control Property Sheet->Data, set Enabled to No.
  7. arnelgp

    calling the value of a field from a main form -> subform into a query

    the question is "where" are you calling this query? if in the subform, it is too early as subform Note might not be Loaded yet. //edit: see gasmans respose
  8. arnelgp

    No record yet for dsum process

    to check if there is any record in a table, use DCount("1", "tableName"). it will return 0 or number of records in that table. ex: SomeVariable = 0 If dCount("1", "sometable") > 0 Then _ SomeVariable = Nz(DSum("somefield", "sometable", "somecriteria"),0)
  9. arnelgp

    database coordinator high school class

    add code to the report's Detail section On Format Event: Private Sub Detail_Format(Cancel As Integer, FormatCount As Integer) ME.txtUnbound = Choose(Abs(Me.Check1) + Abs(Me.Check2) * 2 + 1, "O", "M", "G") End Sub
  10. arnelgp

    Change Recordsource for a Sub.Report

    there is No way you can change the Recordsource of a Report other than it's Open Event. likewise there is no way you can set it's Recordset property. you change the recordsource on to Open event of Each subReport. additionally you can try: If IsNull(TempVars("sRepRecSrc01"))=False Then …
  11. arnelgp

    Hello everyone

    allan wa salam! for novice like you, try reading books/e-books about ms access first and do it a step at a time. you'll get frustrated on learning on someones work coz it's not for babies like you.
  12. arnelgp

    conditional formatting for the last record per group

    I also made an example without using extra Query and only using Condititional Format.
  13. arnelgp

    Export table data to excel

    Vlookup is you validator. if vlookup finds it in sheet2 then it is valid. otherwise if an error occurs, meaning nothing is found then what shall you do? copy and paste this sample code a module. replace "place your workbook here" with the path and name of your excel workbook. Private Sub...
  14. arnelgp

    Export table data to excel

    how do you want it validated? I think you can use Worksheetfunction.VLookup() to check if a cell is in the other range.
  15. arnelgp

    Solved Filtering a many side of relation with two conditions.

    my guess is: select tblOrders.* From tblOrders Where OrderPK Not IN (select OrderFK From tblOrderProgress Where (ProcessFK = 11) Or (ProcessFK = 3 And Not (UserFK Is Null)))
  16. arnelgp

    Tabbed form - tabs no longer visible/selectable.

    even when it is IN the correct page, if it exceeds the access window and the form has a Form Header and the Tab control is in Detail section of that form, the tendency of the detail is to "Scroll down", thereby hiding the Tabs.
  17. arnelgp

    Count specific values from a Crosstab Query

    and you can also do the DCount on the source table: passcount = dcount("1", "ThetableName", "course = 'course 1' And fld_Name_stat = 'Pass'")
  18. arnelgp

    Interfaces in VBA

    that's not what mr.pearson's opening remarks.
  19. arnelgp

    Go To The Next Record

    after disabling the filter, do a Requery, then go to the desired record: Me.FilterOn = False Me.Requery DoCmd.GoToRecord acActiveDataObject, Me.Name, acGoTo, 7
  20. arnelgp

    The OLE Server Isn't Registered error when using Windows 10

    if your are not saving the unbound object frame to a table, you might consider using an Image control. I have googled and found many ways to save the image you captured from the range you selected on the worksheet to a file. you can then set the Picture property of the image control to this file.
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