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    go to specified record vba

    sir is there any vba code to display the specified record in the access form according to the id number that i entered (eg. 1 represents first record 2 for second etc..)
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    Dcount function in parameterised query

    Sir I have a report containing Dcount function which is bbased on a parameterised query. always it shows error result. please help to correct it thanking you.
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    keeping the value entered in a text box as default for next records in a form

    Sir How can I keep once entered value(text ) in a text box as default value for the coming records till I enter a new value
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    Arranging exam register number data in zigzag order in ms access report

    Sir My access report contains exam register numbers in 4 columns and I would like to arrange it in zigzag order as given below 120321 120322 120323 120324 120328 120327 120326 120325 120329 120330 120331 120332 Please Help Thanks
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    creating exam seating arrangement

    Sir I have a query with starting exam register number 344125 and ending registering number 344250. I would like to create a report as given below 344125 -- 344144 344145 -- 344164 344165 -- 344184 344185 -- 344204 344205 -- 344224 344225 -- 344244 344245 -- 344250 If a VBA code is...
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    I am vsk1975 from india
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