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    Where clause does not work

    Hi Experts, My code does not work. It does not give any error message but simply ignores the WHERE parameter. MembersTbl is an access table. Nom is a field of the table. ReportName is he name of a produced report. F01 is a string variable. V01 is also a sting variable. The WHERE clause is...
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    VBA SQL using a variable in sql query

    What is wrong with this statement. "SELECT * FROM [TransTbl] WHERE [TransTbl].[Assoc] = & 'InAssoc' & " & _ "ORDER BY [TransTbl].[LastName]" TransTbl is the table on which the query will run. Assoc and LastName are fields of the table. InAssoc is defined text variable which can change...
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    copying combobox selected value to form

    Hi Experts, Here is the problem: Association is the name of a combobox on current form. When the user comes to the form this field may or may not be populated, IF it is not populated and he tries to do something else then he is warned. Thus to go further it must be populated. The data will...
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    how to count rows

    HI Experts, I have two quite simple questions: what is the statement for finding the number of rows with at least one field filled. Similar question for columns, but this time first I want to know to know the column label together with its number as integer. Secondly using these two numbers I...
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    The dialog function does not work

    Public Function GetCSVFile(strPath As String) As String '---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'Requires reference to Microsoft Office 12.0 Object Library. Dim fDialog As Office.FileDialog Dim varFile As Variant Dim Forname As String...
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    Counting Records in SQL

    What is the best way to attack the problem. Here is sample code, which was working yesterday and after the addition of a column to the underlying table to day does not work. I = DCount("Language", "[" & Orig & "]", "[Language] <> 'X'") Here I is integer counter, Language is the name of field ...
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    SQL Update not working

    DoCmd.RunSQL "UPDATE [" & dest & "] SET [Association] '=' [" & Associate & "];" This SQL statement causes trouble. I tried many variations but none worked. Here the dest is a variable containing the tablename, Association is the name of a column of dest and Associate is a variable containing...
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    Convert sql count to integer

    How can I convert the result of a SELECT COUNT statement to integer so that I can use in vba?
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    addressing properties on a form

    Hi, I want to access and modify a control of type label on a form under a certain condition. I tried various ways but still getting errror. Here is what I have done: If J > 0 Then Forms!Resultfm.Controls("Header") = "ERRORS" ResultFm it name of form. I am trying to adjust the label called Header...
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    sql query with variable field names

    How can I make the field names variable in the query below. Here the fields are called Language and LastName. SQL = "SELECT * FROM [" & dest & "] WHERE [Language] Like 'X' ORDER BY [LastName];"
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    What's wrong with this query

    strSQL = "INSERT INTO [" & dest & "] ([LastName], [FirstName], [Language]," & _ " [Email], [Associatiom]) " & "SELECT FROM [" & Origin & "] ([LastName], [FirstName]," & _ " [Language], [Email], [Federation])" This is a query that I have to use to copy Origin = TransNMTbl to...
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    How to check whether a table exiists

    I have an application with many forms and modules. My tables are stored in the backend and I connect them via links. No problem until the point when I upgraded the two ends to access 2007. Now my TAble exist function does not work it gives the error message "3376 table not found" and I cannot...
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    Procedure declaration does not match description of event

    Below is the error message that I am getting each time I press a command button on a form called ConFedFm. I looked at the statements in the calling form and the called form , parameters passed, spellings etc. All look alright. Help is highly appreciated "The expression On Click you entered...
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    Hiding identified forms

    Hello Experts. I have a sub given below. In this sub I am sorting and renumbering the rows of a matrix which is 5 columns wide and has KMAX rows in it. The column number is input by a form. Now I want to make the active form invisable and after renumbering make the data available to the calling...
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    vba cannot update

    Hi Folks, I have two tables. tblTele has two columns and 300 rows. I use it as input. tbl.telephone has 5 columns, 0 rows. I must copy the 300 rows into the second table so that I have N rows. N<300. The copy process depends on specific values of input fields. Now when a row is complete I add it...
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    how to protect a combobox

    Hi experts, I have the following problem. I have a form that contains a combo box and a run command button. The combo box has a lookup table used rowsource for the combo. The combo has 2 columns and can have many rows. What I want to do is to protect the combo against any data entry and have...
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    Intersect fully fledged queries

    Hello experts. I have a table called TelephoneAAA. I should run a query to find duplicate records based on a Field called ADI and a second query to do the same based on a field called SOYADI. I have used the Access query creation wizard To create both queries. Individually they work, but I want...
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    DoCmd.TransferText import procedure

    I am trying to import a VCF file as a text file into a database interactively.Once I have successfully done that I will store the input procedure and use it in a VBA module. The problem is when I use the External data import procedure it gives me the choice to select a text file. But then...
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    How to address the column names of a table

    I have a table, whıch is created by using the Docmd.Transfertext procedure that takes the first row of the input csv file as column names of the table. How can I using SQL and VBA find the names of these columns so that I can use them in a query.
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    Find First Record

    Hi Everybody, I am using ACCESS 2013. My recordsets and tables are all DAO. There are no indexes. But I can not run the FindFirst statement. Each time it says this method is not supported for this kind of object. Here is the code rs.FindFirst ("(rs.Fields('TeleCon') = TT)") If Not...
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