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    Photo rotates when attached

    Hi guys, Some help would be much appreciated. I've created a database containing client details. Amongst the client details is a photo of the client attached. Why does Access sometimes rotate the photo? How do i prevent this from happening so that all photos appear as portrait? Thanks
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    Open Admin Form after Login

    Hi, Hope someone can help with this. I want Admin to be directed to a different form after login. Currently all Employees are directed to Form1. I want Admin to be directed to Main. The login code can be seen below. Can anybody help please? Private Sub cmdLogin_Click() Dim strID As String...
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    Hide Admin Button

    Hi, Hope someone can help. I've built an employee database with a login system. What I'm trying to do is, when someone logs in with the name Admin a button becomes visible on the window which the login window leads too which would not be visible to everyone else. The button will be called...
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    Restricted Employee Access to Reports

    Hi, Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'm creating an employee database. I have given each employee a unique username and password. What I want to do is for clients to be able to log in and only see specific reports which relates to them.. e.g. employee profile, annual leave taken etc...
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    Two Different Functioning Tables into One Report

    Hi guys, I need some help please. OK so.. I am creating an annual leave app for my company. I have two tables with different functions. The purpose of the first table is to record annual leave which has been applied for. The fields are.. ID Employee ID Holiday year Branch First Date...
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    Carry Data to a new record relating to specific ID

    Hi everyone, I'm quite new to access so please be patient with me. I'm currently making an annual leave database for the company I work for. The fields I am currently concerned with are.. - ID - Employee ID - NumbOfDaysCarried - NumbOfDaysRequested - NumbOfDaysRemaining The...
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