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    Tbo value according to button clicked

    Hi, I have a form, with just two buttons, say "Tyre" and "Engine". These buttons open the same form, say frmCar. What I want to do is when I click the "Tyre" button, a tbo in the frmCar to get as value "Tyre" and when I click the "Engine" button, the same tbo in the frmCar to get the value...
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    How to say if a cbo is empty or null? (Or what?)

    Hi, I have a form, form1. Inside there is a combo box, cbo1, that gets its values from table1. On form load, I want an expression that checks if table1 has any values to "send" to cbo1. If yes, meaning, if after form loads cbo1 is loaded with table1's values, I want cbo1 colored RED, if not...
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    Conditional formatting help (vba)

    Hi, I have a textbox (say tbo1) in a form and what I want to do is this: If tableA.fieldA IsNot Null Then Make tbo1 background fill=Red and OnClick open Form2 What's the proper syntax in VBA? Thanks in advance!
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    Problem with IF... THEN expression

    Hi, I would kindly ask for your help in the following expression problem: I have Form A, with two text boxes, tbo1 and tbo2. Form A gets its values from query A that has two fields, field A and field B. What I want to do is this: If tbo1 equals "YYY" then tbo equals field A. I have no...
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    Send records to new form by double-clicking in a listbox

    Hi all, I'm in desperate need of a (simple I guess) code to allow me to send records from my listbox to a new form. Scenario goes as follows: I use cascading combo boxes to narrow my available choices and finally end up with a listbox presenting the records filtered through cascading process...
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