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    after update issue

    Guys, Im almost embarrased to ask this but it has bugged me for over an hour. On a record I have Item1 to Item8 and corespinding Quantity figures. so Qty1 to Qty8 All I am trying to do is, if for instance the field Item2 is not null then AfterUpdate Qty2 with the value 1 (that is going to be...
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    Conditional Formatting greyed out

    Guys, Why is my copy of access graying out Conditional formatting when I am in desing view for reports? Help :)
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    Make Visible

    I have a check box on a form. I'd like, when it is selected to make a field ( A text box ) called [DanGo] visible on the report generated [rptConsignNote] only when the check box is checked. I hope that makes sense.
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    After Update

    OK ... I have a database with medicines in stock with storage data. There is embedded in this form an area for prescribing medicines and printing a medicine label. On this area there is a field "Patient" which is the name of the guy I'm giving the medication to. Id like an AfterUpdate...
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    Countdown Timer

    I have a countdown to close timer on a form. I can only make the countdown in seconds and 20 minutes is a lot of seconds. Can anyone help me convert this to minutes and seconds please? Private Sub Form_Timer() TimeCount = TimeCount + 1 Me.txtCounter = 1200 - TimeCount If...
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    Gerated Record Numebr

    I have a database and I am struggling to format the appearance of an AutoNumber to comply with the company standard as an example it should appear like this PUK-NWI-OHS-325-19 The AutoNumber in this is the 325. However, I cannot format this to pin the year on the end I'm using...
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    Font Size

    Hi guys and ladies, I have a report with a large date field that has an address in it. Is there a function that I can use that will increase the font size to fit all of the available space in the field?:banghead:
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    Automatically Quit

    A little background. I work on an oil rig in the north sea. Our power supply is pretty hit and miss and sometimes if the power surges and or goes off completely (usually in the middle of the night) it can corrupt forms, macros and code. I am obsessive about backing up my databases. My...
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    Change background colour

    Is it possible to change the background colour on a form as a conditional format? Two fields. [Normal Position] and [Current Position] the options are 'Open' and 'Closed' id like to change the background colour of the form if these fields do not match. Can it be done? Cheers guys and...
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    I have a form [frmRegister] with a subform [sfrmPriority] They are Master and Child. frmRegister is master [MaterID] and the child is sfrmPriority [PriorID] both of these are auto generated numbers. They do have an established relationship between the source tables. The problem arises when...
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    Sub Forms

    Hi, I have a form called frmRegister on which is a sub form sfrmPriority They are linked Master = MaterID (an AutoNumber) and PriorID (again an AutoNumber) All works well until I try to add a record to the system and then the sub form sfrmPriorty is blank even when I start to add details to the...
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    Form to report

    Hi guys and Ladies, Is there any way of producing a report from a form? By that I mean, can I convert the contents, structure and data on a given form into a report to save having to redesign the form?:banghead:
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    Make Visible

    I have a form on which I have a combo box with three selections[Status]. Sampled, Presumed and Strongly Presumed. Adjacent is a field called 'Certificate' Currently the Certificate filed is set as Visible - No. How do I set the field to become visible if and only if the combo box...
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    Combo box output to reports

    I have a report based on the information from a combo box on the data input form. The combo box has an associated numerical score that is necessary to calculate risk factors, as well as text for the user to select the appropriate risk. the 'score' is in column 1 of the combo box with the width...
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    Drop Down boxes

    Hi guys, I have a form with several drop down boxes on it. These have a score associated with each selection: Column 1 is the Text and Column 2 is the score. if you select : 'No damage' the score is 0 'Slight Damage' the score is 1 'Damaged' the score is 2 etc I would like to add the...
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    Conditional formatting?

    I am having a complete brain f*rt today with a simple problem. If the field [ItemDesc] is null then I want the formatting of the field [Reason] to be green. If it is not Null I'd like it to be red. I am a bear of little brain so be gentle with me :):banghead: I will kick myself when you...
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    Select a JPG for a report

    I have a data input form with drop down list of 9 options. [Media] On the associated report I would like a jpg associated with the options to be printed. Can this be done please? Thanks in anticipation
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    Question Automatic Email

    Hello you wonderful people. I have a database, part of which looks after equipment that needs servicing and calibration. For other reasons, this database is opened every day so I thought my problem could be solved with an On Open or AutoExec command but I bow to your much superior knowledge...
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    Automatically send a report

    I have a form on which there is a text field that will return a value or accept or decline. In the event that 'Decline' is selected, I'd like to have an email sent to notify the manager if 'Decline' is selected. Any ideas guys ?
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    Hi, I have a form on which are two fields [MedDate] and [MedBooked] I am tying to input short code to clear the contents of [MedDate] when [MedBooked] is updated. I know it is an AfterUpdate but cannot get it to work. :banghead:
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