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    Insert into table doesn't check for duplicate records!!

    Hey All, I have this code to copy records from the ImportSerial table into ImportSerial_Shipped table where the SO_Finished diff than 11/11/1111 dbs.Execute "INSERT INTO ImportSerial_Shipped SELECT * FROM ImportSerial WHERE ([ImportSerial].[SO_Finished] Not Like " & "'*11/11/1111*'" &...
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    subform problem

    Hey All, I have a main form and 2 subforms inside it. And I when I click a field in first subform I want the cursor to move to the second subform and set 2 field value and then leave the focus on anther field in same subform. So far I got the part to move and set the value, but the problem is...
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    Enter/Change field data into a table in Union Query

    hey All, I have a union query that includes 2 tables TableA and TableB And I have a field called Comments in the 2 tables And I have a form where the records source is the union query that lists the data as datasheet Is there a way to add the Comments (in TableA or B) thru the unit queries ...
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    Access 2007 Count and SUM in the background!

    hey guys, I have this little problem that I need some help on I tried to use 2 subforms and queries ... but I end up with 4 subforms and about 8 queries … and still didn’t get it to work Here is the scenario: I have this Form(image) and a Table called “SO Master “ fields (SO, Qty, Reviewed...
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    EOF error!!! please help

    i'm using MS access 2007 i get en error at : .... Set Temp1_Set = Db.CreateTableDef("SELECT * FROM [Import_ALL] WHERE [order_no]=" & New_S_Set![Order_No]) If Not Temp1_Set.EOF Then .... Error sayd: Compile error: Method or data member not found
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