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  1. smtazulislam

    Help a query or VBA

    I am working HR dept. and we have govt. approval visa for hire worker from 11 countries right now. A visa numbers have different category and defferent country. In this visa for stamp in the worker passport, we give authorise a local an agency. and Visa work processing all of the cost is credit...
  2. smtazulislam

    Solved Update two table from one Form

    Any help will appreciate. its a small issue. I want to change department from frmChangeDepartment form. Then it is also change my Table tblEmployee and tblChangeDepartment. Db attached, please help me... Thank you.
  3. smtazulislam

    Solved Two Date Report Print

    Hello Dear, Any help will appreciate. I attached my Query And Form I want to Report print out by Criteria Employee ID and Start Date and End Date.
  4. smtazulislam

    Create table and Query

    Hello, We are a small business in local area. COVID19 effective in our business, now our head office to comminication all of branch and retail store by Zoom apps. We try to connection with all of Municipility/UnionParishad>Ward > Municipility area / Village Area > and each shop owner. We are...
  5. smtazulislam

    File Location Tracking

    Hello dear, Hope all in well. I want to create a Folder Image, NID Copy, Contract, Passport Copy, Employees Documents put in separate folder create with location tracked where is my database. I dont want to mentioned DRIVE locations. VBA can create automatically find database location. An...
  6. smtazulislam

    How to stay form on top

    Hello, I using MS ACCESS 2016 PRO. I have a dashboard. Its have Menubar to click open form. But some form have to need open another form. Any ( Dashboard Form + A Form + B Form) * A Form > I put MODEL = No (for stay Top) Problem is when I open B Form then A Form will be under the Dashboard...
  7. smtazulislam

    Solved Listbox Row Double_Click Criteria Not Work

    Hello, I have a listbox what is name "lstPassportExpire". I want to double_click to open FORM "frmEmployeeEdit" by criteria PassportID my Listbox Query is SELECT tblPassport.PassportID, tblPassport.EmployeeID, tblEmployee.Country, tblPassport.PassportNo, tblPassport.ExpiredDate FROM...
  8. smtazulislam

    Room Distribution DB

    Hi, I want to create a DB for employees room distribution. In this tblRoomDistribution table I put basic data. We have 4 Buildings. And each building have 3 Floors with minimum 20 rooms capacity Each room bed capacity minimum 2 beds. And 1. Want to search By Building No : How many Room and...
  9. smtazulislam

    Subform Enabled / disabled

    Hi, I have a parent form what name is "frmEmployeeEdit". In the form have Tab Control 8 pages. Some pages have Subform and some pages have Continuous Forms. Exp: One page name is "EmployeeIdentity_Page" and this page subform name is "PassportSubform" Two page name is "Facility_Page" and this...
  10. smtazulislam

    Solved Dashboard Setting

    Hi experts, I have setup a dashboard, here Lebel and icon_Image to all of command in the VBA. Also here have 5 subforms. All of subforms calculate data (any DB an analysis report). * the problem No 1 : When I update any data in this dB then I don't get same time update in my dashboard. If...
  11. smtazulislam

    Solved Need to Count Total

    Hello, I want to analysis report showing in the dashboard in the footer. So, can possible a query to displaying total data count Like : total employee, Total Active Worker, Total Nationality, Total Male and Female Total NID Total Iqama etc, more columns in the query attached DB. Advance...
  12. smtazulislam

    Report data doesnot printing...

    Hello ! I want to print form current data print order by EmployeeID. I have two pages report. Print view showed data but print out command do not printing data. It is printing manually inserted reports data only. I try this code Private Sub cmdPrint_Click() 'Print current record If...
  13. smtazulislam

    Delete Current Record With Password

    Hello, I have a DELETE button in the continuous form which name fromEmployeeVacationSubform. Today someone operate my DB and delete some important data. So, I want If user try to delete data then form required user password (Which password he access this database) for confirmed. Here I try to...
  14. smtazulislam

    Solved Customize Search Box

    This is SearchBox Private Sub txtSearchBox_AfterUpdate() If Me.txtSearchBox = 0 Then DoCmd.GoToRecord acForm, Me.Name, acNewRec Else With Me.RecordsetClone .FindFirst "EmployeeID = " & Nz(Me.txtSearchBox, 0) If Not .NoMatch Then...
  15. smtazulislam

    Solved Add and Update record continuous form from another form.

    I have an employee Facility Item form. Please check form frmEmployeeEdit, In the Items want to click_event open another form which name is frmFacilityItemsEditor. Q : in the form frmFacilityItemsEditor command button cmdInsertData need click to Add and Update record in the Items textbox add...
  16. smtazulislam

    Solved Highlight Matching keywords with red Color.

    Hello, I have a Search Form and two search textboxes. I want to two textboxes keyword search Highlighting in this subform with red Color. my Subform is not Query or SQL. It has an expression into Control Source. any help be appreciated.
  17. smtazulislam

    Solved Update table

    Hi, I have two table, tblEmployee & tblDesignation, fields : DesignationEn; DesignationAr - Short Text - Index (No Duplicate) and with relationship tblEmployee - To DesignationEn tblDesignationChange : fields: DateFrom - DateTo- CurrentDesignation-NewDesignation-Notes My question, how I create...
  18. smtazulislam

    Solved Copy record on a continuous form

    I am looking to copy a record on a continuous form and insert this copy as a new record. and in this table name filed like; HealthInsID, EmployeeID, HealthCardNo, Relationship, PolicyNo, class, SponsorID, IssueDate, ExpiredDate, TerminationDate, TerminationReasons, Note. Please check the design...
  19. smtazulislam

    Solved Display Image

    Hi, Is it possible in ms access for display Image in the Combobox Column. DB has attached. it need to work in frmTransaction Form in combobox. I haven't find in google search for ms access. Appreciate to help.
  20. smtazulislam

    Solved Display Current Record No & Bold this line or Numbers

    Hi once again, In my database worked before display current record numbers. But today my daughter do something that now dont display. Have attached demo database, Please check where have mistake ? And also need bold this second line OR Current Record Numbers only. If any color much better...
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