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    Option to leave field blank in form

    It's been a few years (longer than I care to admit) since I've done VBA or access and I'm trying to relearn what little I knew so bare with me. I have a query that is based on unbound boxes in a form. I want the user to have the option to leave some of those boxes blank and the query just use...
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    Opening attachments in a report

    I have a report that has a column for attachments. When I run the report I know that there should be attached jpegs and pdfs on some of the data but it's not populating on the report. I'm not sure where I even need to start on troubleshooting this and I thought that I could open attachments from...
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    Help needed on Search Query.

    I'm trying to create a query that's based on unbound text and combo boxes (6 boxes total) on a form. On this form I also want the option for a box to be left blank and the query only use the boxes that are filled in. I thought I had the correct criteria for the query but what I didn't notice...
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