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    How to link forms - Easy for you science for me

    Hi guys so my story is that i have 2 forms. on the 1st form the user needs to complete some basic information and in the second form he needs to enter some more detailed info. i have a create one SAVE button and a NEXT button (to open the second form) on the first form. before doing that i...
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    Microsoft Access on Ipad

    Hi guys, i have a client which is a doctor and i am designing a database for him. Ideally he wants to put the database on the secretary's pc and also on his ipad so that when he exams he can enter the values of the patient in the database. any ideas on how i can achieve this? thank you
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    Issues with relationships - Newbie question

    Guys....i need help I am building a database for a doctor and i have the following tables - Basic Patient information - Patient's mother history - Patient's father history - Patient's brother history - Patient's sister history - Patient's children history I use the above tables because the...
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    Keeping a history

    heya in case you havent read my previous post i am creating a database for a local doctor. in the main page where the basic info of the patients is he wants to be have buttons with the previous dates that the patient visited him and to be able to click in order to see what kind of prescription...
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    Checkboxes acting strange

    Hi guys, This is my first post!!! Ok here's the story. i am creating a database for a local doctor which is somehow simple since he wants to enter only basic patient information. He wants to be able to click if someone for example had a heart attack which will present another question asking...
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