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    Solved Help this is not working - Dlookup

    I am trying to get this to work, so the form has this and i want it to promp message if the customer is already on the database, but this isnt working it prompts even if they are not :( Private Sub AccountNo_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer) Dim dr As VbMsgBoxResult If (Not...
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    Query date

    Hi, So I currently have a query that looks at a table with appointment requests against a another table Appointment Booked and then another Table Appointments completed. What I need to do is only show appointment requests if the Appointment Booked and Appointment completed dates are greater...
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    Sending an email with attached report - dont sent if nothing attached?

    Hi, so i have this code which is run from a button i need to stop the email from sending if no attachment has been made.. Dim rst Dim XL As Excel.Application Set XL = CreateObject("excel.application") Dim vFile vFile = "Template File Location Here" Set rst = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("All") If...
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    Solved Delete Duplicated Records - But Keep 1

    So I need to do some data cleansing and need to find the best way to delete duplicated records but keeping just 1 Is this possible to Run from a query ?
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    Solved Show Records if More than 1

    So i can get this to work I need the query to show me records if more than i record shows for customer [account Number] count >1 did work
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    Solved Delete Records based on another table

    Hi, So i have a table that contains account numbers which i need to delete all records from a master table as i have 350 to delete was looking for a way to look up my list that needs to be deleted and delete only those from master table is that possible?
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    Create a report with trackability

    So, I currently have a query that i export into excel as a weekly report but i need to add some reporting history So need to show how many times each customer outstanding order has been shown on the reports So currently have Customer customer Order No OrderDate Number of days outstanding...
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    Update current Record only

    Hi, So i need to have an option to update the record displayed on a form only. I would need to have an append query to remove users name and refresh the form so the records is un allcoated?
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    Solved Run only once on a Monday module

    Hi all, So i need to have this module run only on a monday and only once! , so here my code is called from the main database menu, but it gets called everytime to the database is closed and re-opened Public Function AutoQuery() If VBA.Weekday(Now(), vbMonday) = 1 Then DoCmd.SetWarnings...
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    Solved If Statement

    Hi, So i have on a form a button that runs an update query to allocate a user 20 records from the main table of records that need to be processed. as the update runs it completes the user name in the field "Allocated to". I am looking for a way so that when they click the buton again it does...
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    Solved Run an Update Query using the Data within a Form

    Hi all, So i need to run an update query to un-allocate from one user to another form has two comb boxes - so user name can be selected From To Query has to: [Forms]![Reallocate].[To] criteria [Forms]![Reallocate].[From] no records are found when calling from form, but if i run query and...
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    Solved Count Number of dates

    So I need to count the number of days by date and show something like Total Days unworked Total Records unworked NumberOfWorkingDays: [EndDate]-[StartDate] so end date would be the last date and the start date would be the oldest?
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    Solved Query to only offer 20 records

    Hi, So i am looking for a way that the query will only offer the end user a max of 20 records for them to edit, and then the next user gets another 20 records for themself, is thi possible at all?
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    query to put order dates in date categorises

    Hi all, So i am trying to find a way to build a report that shows all open orders in date ranges 0-30 days 30-60 days 60-90 days 120+ i guess i would do this via a query and then build the report from that also ?
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    Fill text box with work based on record data

    So it it possible to have a field on a form that is updated based on what is found within the record source Like say if field "job type" is Install put in results box "Installed and Complete" or if "job type" is "Refused" put in results box "Installed failed please rebook"
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    Solved Open another Database and find customer

    so, i am using this code to open another database accapp.OpenCurrentDatabase ("pathhere") accapp.Visible = True both databases have a customer account number field, how to I get the open database to select the same customer from the original database?>
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    Solved the recordset is not updatable

    So i have a form who's record source is a query which is looking at 2 tables to filter out by product. with the two tables within the same query i am unable to update the records and get this error, if i remove once of the tables it all works fine, so how do i get around this. Is it best to...
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    Solved Code to check if field on form is Null

    Hi, So here is the code i am using to check if the field called Q1 has been completed, if not then it takes the user back to the form and highlights the field in red. however the code still runs the rest of the code and the form gets closed. so i need to add in a break point if Q1 is not...
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    Solved Message when last record is saved

    Is it possible to have a message box when the last record is reached and saved to say something like "All Completed" - Job done!
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    Solved Copy all Date on form to clipboard to user can past this into another system

    So it it possible to copy the complete form as text into clip board to use can then past into another system? Private Sub cmd_CopyClipboard_Click() Me!textbox1.SetFocus Me!textbox2.SetFocus Me!textbox3.SetFocus Me!textbox4.SetFocus DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdCopy End Sub But how wold i...
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