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    Use of wifi capable barcode scanners with an access db

    interconnected routers Basically if you log onto the wifi in one warehouse and take your phone to the other warehouse youll still be connected to the wifi and hence the rest of our network
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    Use of wifi capable barcode scanners with an access db

    Hi all, Back again for some more wisdom from you guys So my companys custom access ERP database is due for another update. I've been building and improving upon it for years thanks to help from this page and now is time for a big one. Basically they wanna start scanning in barcodes for all...
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    access on an ipad?

    Hi all Recently ive been put in charge of running a commercial bakery thats owned by the company i work for not my usual field of work (im their local db admin), but they needed someone familiar with the operations to take over from the old manager ASAP and i was the only one who could do it...
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    mysql date add with query for the interval

    lol, sorry to sound like a smart ass but first word of the threads title youre right though, i shouldve mentioned it in the main text
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    mysql date add with query for the interval

    nope, this is mysql, its dateadd(date, interval x day) as i said i tested the first query UPDATE tbl_batches SET StartDate = DATE_ADD(StartDate, INTERVAL 3 day), EndDate = DATE_ADD(EndDate, INTERVAL 3 day); and it worked perfectly, so not the notation and its not the data im testing its the...
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    mysql date add with query for the interval

    the page im testing is meant to only show data with a date range from now() til now()+7 days (basically records in the oncoming week) so most of the records today wont be valid tomorrow and will not show up on the page at all i could change the query but that defeats the purpose of testing it...
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    mysql date add with query for the interval

    hi all im having a bit of trouble creating a query to help me keep my data up to date basically im testing a page ive built that displays data within a certain date range, ive got queries to populate my tables with relevant test data but the problem is keeping this data up to date. I wound up...
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    working with MVP and creating a Filtered Detail List

    Hi All Just a bit of background before getting started, ive been developing access databases for years and consider myself very proficient in them. Recently ive looked into rebuilding a DB i made for work into a web app and selling it off to other companies (work is cool with this as i made...
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    Tricky query Criteria, between dates if textboxes are null

    thanks guys, tried implementing your solutions with no luck i do prefer CJ_Londons Solution so ive sorted it out so that the text boxes autopopulate with the current date and the current date minus 3 months that part works fine but then i use the following expression for my query criteria...
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    Tricky query Criteria, between dates if textboxes are null

    Hi all So i have a report that, among other things, shows us stock ordered between today (the current date) and the last 3 months. The query criteria under the date field is as follows: Between DateAdd("m",-3,Date()) And Date() nice and simple and works perfectly However now there is a new...
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    delete query, delete duplicates but keep one

    Hi all Im working with a large list, over 30k records and (frankly) its driving me a lil nuts i had to create a cartesian join on a single table, so i could get a list of two similar records on one row and make it easier to compare the two (looking for similar records that may be duplicates)...
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    enabling/disabling features on custom ribbon

    Hi all just working on a mock up of a database for the organisation im working for. they havent agreed to let me build it just yet but im going to meet with the bosses next week and try to pitch it for them. Their old DB is garbage (alot of people were excited when i was hired to fix it) and im...
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    "Fat Fingering" Query

    can anyone explain how i can put the function (from post #10) to use? have two tables (tblMasterList and tblDatalists), all have exactly identical fields (did this on purpose when i was compiling tblDataLists) to make sure it would be easier to merge the two lists when the time came...
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    finding similar records across two tables

    DUDE!!!!! That is some next level shit right there thank you so much for your help!!! it is very much appreciated
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    finding similar records across two tables

    trying to fix up a massive db (over 40k records) that is a real mess (duplicates, blank records, mis-spelled stuff, you name it and im dealing with it) right now trying to update data ive got from one list (which ive imported as a table) into the main list there is a primary key in the main...
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    Multiple customers/databases same structure

    Hey all, hows it going? Ive recently started up my own company (with a partner who is in charge of sales/marketing) and have built an MRP system in access My partner wants to switch over to an SQL backend/web frontend I dont have much time to get the job done (as i also have a day job) so...
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    Most Secure way to re-enable shitf bypass key

    Hi all So im working on a new version of my DB and wanna make sure its secure AF. I usually disable the bypass key and set it to be reenabled once i put in my username and password (specifically me, if any other users use their login details it wont work) In the past ive also added secret...
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    remove characters from field in query expression

    Thanks NauticalGent i did get an error saying my expression had the wrong number of arguments but it was an easy fix, the replace function was missing an argument so i just changed it to oldID: Replace([stoOldDBRef],Left([stoOldDBRef],2),"") Works perfectly, thanks for your help
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    remove characters from field in query expression

    Hi So ive rebuilt my work database the original db had 3 tables for keeping track of Stock (tblFinishedGoods, tblProducts, tblIngredients), the new one just has one table for all types (tblStock). This new design simplified the crap out of all the queries i used to calculate stock costs/levels...
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    Looping through all fields and saving metadata

    Hi Thanks for taking the time to read this, first off appologies for the title, i dunno how accurate it is but i honestly could not think of a concise way to explain what im trying to accomplish Currently im looking into adding an audit trail into my db (long story short a lot of data is being...
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