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    Delete a grouping in an access report

    Hello, I have a report that I have structured as follows: I would like to remove the grouping "Mes1" using VBA. I have tried this code but it doesn't work: Me.Section(0).Visible = False Does anyone have any idea how I can get it? I could create another report, and have one for the annual...
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    LikeNot in multiple criteria in Dcount

    Hi. I am trying to make this formula work in an Access report, but it gives me an error. Could you tell me where the fault is? I know it is from [PorQueAñadoEsteLibro]. =DCont("*";"[TLibros]";"[Comprado]=" & Verdadero & " And " & "[Estado]=" & 3 & " And " & "[Libreria]=" & 2 & " And " &...
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    It does not relate a form to me with its subform

    Well, as I mention in the title, I do not know why in a form that I have with a subform, it does not go well with the code because it is linked to the subform, when it should be done automatically. The problem here is that it does not save the new records that I enter in the subform. Could...
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    Copy the background color to the hover color

    Hi. I would like to know if it is possible to copy, through VBA, the background color of a button, to hover color. I explain why. When I import a database, I change the color that I have customized for the buttons. This, from what I have been able to appreciate, is because I change the Use...
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    Error An object is needed

    Hello, I am trying to pass this code to a module: cmbGenero.InitalizeFilterCombo Me.Genero1, "Genero", FromBeginning, True, True This code belongs to the function that MajP created. The function that I have in the module, and in which it should go, is the following: Public Sub...
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    Automatically update a chart based on a combobox

    I have a bar graph in a form that you can change depending on the year you select in a drop-down. This graphic refers to the range of pages. You can see it in the image that I have attached. Right now it shows the ones that have data, because this is what I indicated in the query that I created...
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    Bug You tried to open a database that is already open by the user 'Admin' on the mach

    For quite some time now, these messages have been appearing when I closed the database. This failure not only appears in a single database, but in several, and always when closing, it does not matter from the form that it does. The installation of Office is newly installed, and I already...
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    Dynamic Multi Search

    Hi. I have implemented a search system that I saw in this forum: However, in the form where I have it implemented, when you delete the values of the two fields that you use to run the search, you are left with the last search...
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    Behavior of an inputbox

    Hi. I'm trying to improve the behavior of an inputbox, but I can not. This is the code that I have developed (although I have it in Spanish, I have translated it into English): On Error Resume Next Dim miFiltro As String Dim Valor As String Dim Signo As String 'If the...
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    Smart combo boxes

    Hi. I am testing the smart combo boxes, so that I filter as I write (disappear the results that do not match). But there is a combo box that I can not get it to work correctly, and it is the one that interests me the most (it shows a list of products for a POS), and I can not find the error. I...
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    Hi guys

    Hi. I am writing from Spain. I hope to learn in this forum with you. Thank you very much for accepting me.
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