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    i need an advicce >>>Control the Application Interface

    Hello @isladogs in regards of your article "Control the Application Interface" placed in the below link . i have tried to apply the SetAccessWindow (SW_HIDE) method in my app by Appling the code in the login form...
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    Spllited Database risk over LAN Network challenge ,please how to Secure?

    @isladogs dear @isladogs , i have red your article very carefully and it helped me very much improving security of my app . in this thread and in my case i would like to focus on point number( 8. Split your database ) , i...
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    Auto assign tasks to employee based on conditions

    @arnelgp @isladogs As I mentioned that I am working on travel agent request and I am facing a new challenge, It is New Service Request Auto assign : what dose it mean ? when the company receive a new service request , this request should go to a specific employee with a specific capabilities of...
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    Schudule and Summery Calender calendar

    Hello Again best Forum Team @isladogs @arnelgp the phase that i am working in now in the travel agent project is Schudule and Summery Calender , that show important information about the future work to do based on the due date , and show also summery about some other information all in based...
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    Progress bar of achived target

    i need your help experts , i am bulding a database with Sales Employee that have a monthly target to achive , i want to make a progress bar that show to him in main menu how much did he achived from his target , where the progress bar stops in the percent of what he have achived that takes the...
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    import Currency rates via API

    hello , i am building a database that require a daily update for about 20 currencies rates between them and the USD , it is hard to update it manually which will opend the door for human mistakes that will cost money , i have searched along to have somthing do this via api , but i was not...
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