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    Best table arrangement for this date data.

    Hi Guys, This DB is to collect info following an audit review. There are 3 types of dates collected/stored. 1.Dates that always occur – About 12 dates 2.Dates that occur either under condition A or condition B – 8-10 dependant 3.Dates that sometimes occur and sometimes don’t – 0-20 Dates I...
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    Insert new records only where that record doesn’t already exist. - Temp tables

    Hi Guys, This is a single step in a data import and transformation Mod I am working on, I will need to reapt the step a fair few times. The import is for a number of tables that support cascade combo boxes. Tables mostly contain ids from the lower tier tables (so not to repeat data). The IDs...
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    Need Help with Data Transformation, Recordsets

    Hi Guys, Having a bit of trouble with this, I only know as much VBA as my Access book teaches and it's not the focus of the book. My aim is to change the value of tblMakesTemp.NBody to the correct ID for that Value (tblBodyTypesTemp.BodyTypeID) as part of an import Mod. I need to check all...
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    Hi Everyone

    Hello, So I am new to access, have been learning access, sql and vba since April in my spare time, working from home so have a little more than usual. As such I appolgise now for obvious errors and questions. I'm in the UK. Tech fan and avid gamer, mostly Overwatch and single player games...
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