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    Lost the "File" menu while working in the Code window

    While going over some code in the VBA for Applications Window I noticed that the File menu is missing. How do I turn the "File Edit View Insert Debug Run Tools Addins Debug Help" Ribbon back on. Thanks for any help. I am using Access 2016.
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    Red Run Icon does not function when using "Action Query" creation

    I have been using Office 365 and have not been able to get any Access Action Queries (append, update, delete)etc to work. The regular query works fine, but the "action" ones do not respond to the Red Run Icon at all. When I click on the Red Run icon after having chosen a field to add to for...
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    Attach a subroutine to an unbound Text box?

    Is there a way to assign a subroutine (which I have written already) to an unbound text box? I need that textbox to display a number of different things as determined by other fields in the report. I know this is not very descriptive but I just need to know I am not trying to do the...
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    Null Values on left side of = sign

    I have a combo box on a form which displays Id, Last and First names. I want the CBO to save the Id and fill in the Last and First names in their respective fields on the form. This is the code placed in the On Change event of the CBO. Private Sub cboPatient_Number_Change()...
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    Concatenating First and Last names doesn't seem to work

    Trying to create a report in which I concatenate a First Name and Last Name. Should be textbook simple. This is the code =[Patients]![Firstname]+" "+[Patients]![LastName] which I put in the Control Source field for the text box . Tried it with & and +. What happens is when I change from...
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    Combobox fills but does not save

    I have just started using Access and have come upon this problem. I have a combobox on a form which displays information from a Patients file indexed on a PatientID. The form the combobox is on (Transactionfrm) fills out 4 fields from the Patients table when this code is placed in the on...
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