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    Updating captions values based on radios selected

    Morning, Im looking to start a discussion on the best method to approach based on the image below: What im reviewing is a form with various radio buttons, when all options are selected for each group the user clicks the requery button. The part im getting stuck with, and confused is the test...
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    Is Null in a query

    I want to run a query that shows a set criteria in 1 of 3 rows. Example my table is as follows: Name - T1 - T2 - T3 John 01:45 54:16 Steve 18:24 37:00 I want my query to only show any that contain blanks I've set the criteria in all 3 to 'is null' but that...
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    Query Help

    I have a team of athletes who compete in 3 different sporting events. I am trying to work out how I can get my query to only look at the 5 most recent events I want to score them as a percentage variance based on target times set to complete each sporting event. Any help is greatly...
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    Calculated field - Times and scoring

    Afternoon everyone Im pretty new to this so please go lightly on me. I have a table: name, swimtime, score john 18:00 smith 22:00 I m looking to score swimmers based on the time they swam a race - Example such as scoring 50 points if they finished in under 20 minutes - I thought a...
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